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AdPatrol: How We Helped Them Grow

               At Appflow we work with our clients to help them build a better relationship with their subscribers. We do this by helping our clients to better understand their users as well as their behavior. Subscription analytics gives app developers not only insight into who their users are, where they come from, how they use their product, and how they can be reached. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to our clients.


               AdPatrol is a great iOS app that helps users get around those bothersome ads and tracking tools. They are an international company, and their app works in many different languages (English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese). The app works great and has a larger user base, but like many companies, AdPatrol wanted to deliver more. AdPatrol wanted to better understand their users so they could grow their company and improve user satisfaction.

How we helped

               Using our User Types and Suggestions feature, we compared users who use the app in different languages. What we found was amazing. We discovered that the user language preference had an impact on how much the users spent using the service. With this knowledge, we ran A/B tests to see what price suited different testing groups. This led to a revenue increase of 7%.

               In addition, we also recommended that they make an ad campaign targeting potential South Korean users since they were the fastest-growing user demographic according to our analytics tools. With the addition of the ads, their profit grew by an additional 12% !

We love producing for our clients and nothing gives us more satisfaction than a job well done.

Customer feedback

“Appflow helped us to gain better knowledge of our customers and their experiences”- Alan Sun

“Our friends at Appflow were great! They helped us understand the limitations on our app’s growth and performance. We look forward to working with them again.”- Ricardo R.

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