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Memefy: How We Helped Them Grow

            At Appflow, we endeavor to always work hard and support our clients. This means helping them to take on any issue large or small. Oftentimes our clients have great products, but some small issues can hinder them in taking full advantage of their potential. We have many tools that we use to assist our customers in maximizing this potential. Memefy is one of our clients, and they offer a great (and funny) app. We worked with them to better understand their users. You won’t believe the results!


               Memefy is an app that lets you create your own memes. It gives users the possibility to use images and combine them with text to create their own content. While it is easy to brush this off as a way to make funny pictures, memes have become a big business. More and more businesses use them as a way to connect with users and push their product/service through meme-based content. Memefy does an excellent job of providing its users with a means to express their creativity.

How we helped

               We helped our friends at Memefy understand their users better. We did this with our analytics chart and our recommendations feature. These features identify your users’ demographics and how they interact with your app. Our tools showed that their audience is primarily under the age of 20 and is using older iOS devices. With this insight, Memefy worked to make their app better for devices with smaller screens.

               Another way that we can help our clients is by understanding the crashes with their app by using Crashlytics. While many crashes occur due to user error, by understanding the origin of crashes, Memefly was able to grow its revenue by 5% in only the first month. We use a variety of tools and features to help businesses improve their app and offer the best version of their product/service.

               In addition to understanding crashes, we also look at the churn rate and investigate what can be done to limit this and encourage user retention. We were able to greatly decrease the churn rate by recommending that Memefly use push-notifications. Memefly began to create their own humorous content with their own memes. This created a 30 percent decrease in their churn rate.

               Nothing is more satisfying than helping someone achieve their goals. Working with Memefly was enjoyable and we were happy to help them increase retention and overall user experience. Although an app can offer everything its users need and be an overall great tool, working with another company to improve your product can be helpful in gaining perspective and maximizing potential and profits.

Client comments: 

“We loved working with Appflow, they helped us understand our users better and learn more about them”- Michael

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