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How We Would Match with Tinder

               Everybody knows what Tinder is (even if some claim ignorance). It is the world’s most popular online dating app, and it revolutionized the online matchmaking industry. with millions of users daily, it is the industry standard in terms of subscribers and performance. Tinder’s model is based on the idea that as the number of users increases, it attracts more users thus making it a self-fulfilling success. In addition to this, subscribers can stand out and enjoy preferred access with a monthly premium version. This helps explain how Tinder has become so popular (amongst other reasons). Although Tinder is popular, there are always ways for an app to be improved.

               Here at Appflow, we specialize in helping app developers improve their app's performance through understanding their mobile app analytics. Even though Tinder is a great app, there are some ways we could help them better match with their customers. With app analytics, apps can get a great deal of information about their users. Since we work with both iOS analytics and Android analytics, we would be able to help Tinder identify the differences between those who use different types of phones, as well as how their location affects their usage. In truth, there are many ways for a subscription analytics service to assist an app developer.

Swipe right when it comes to user testing

               One way Tinder could improve their app is through testing different paywalls. For example, Tinder might want to test the background color of its paywall. Perhaps the background isn’t pink enough? Should it be magenta? fuchsia? The only way to find out is through testing. Users’ experience is a real factor, and it determines the number of purchases and the paid subscriber conversion rate. So, Tinder could test their paywall color and make pink the new green as they would see an increase in payments.

               If we worked with Tinder, we would be able to help them see how different user groups interact with their app based on a variety of factors. For example, how many 18-year old’s use iPhone vs Android Phones. This is helpful because it can be used to create A/B testing which is used to evaluate trends and potential areas of growth for the platform. This kind of information is gold for marketing since it can be used for targeted ads “Meet 18-year-old android users who like magenta backgrounds in (city name)”.

               Besides testing specific demographics based on the user’s device and age, we could also help them to compare subscribers with different countries. This data would give insight into which counties use the app more often, and which country is lonelier and needs to use the app more. With this information, Tinder could not only better understand their users but also the infrastructure of their app and how they can work to improve it.

               Another tool we would offer Tinder is our push-notification support. This would be great for an app like Tinder since it would increase mobile subscription revenue through engagement. Who wouldn’t like to wake up with heart emoji from tinder? Or to receive a push-notification saying you have a new match. It might be a good idea for this feature to be toggled on/off so users don’t get match notifications when they are on a date with someone else.

               Being able to bring people together is a great thing, and Tinder has excelled at that. At Appflow this is one of our ambitions as well. The only difference is instead of bringing a couple together, at Appflow we want to create a match between your app and your users and hopefully for a long-term relationship. So, swipe right on Appflow, and learn how you can improve your app analytics, and choose the right shade of pink.

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