Unlock In-app Subscription Growth Potential

Manage in-app subscription with easy-to-integrate purchase SDK. Analyze real-time subscription data for growth opportunities. Leverage no-code paywall A/B testing, push notifications, and in-app messages to maximize subscription revenue.

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Real-time subscription revenue
analytics platformThis is an icon that reads design for mobile apps

This is the data sources filter where you choose the iOS apps or Android apps as the data source for your subscription dashboard

Monitor cross-platform subscription data in one place

Get a unified overview of real-time in-app subscription metrics across iOS and Android in one dashboard. Keep up with the subscription revenue movements and understand subscription health.

Drag subscription data visualization to the dashboard to create a personal one

Customize your own dashboard at your fingertips

Design a personalized dashboard that caters to your specific needs effortlessly using our intuitive data visualization tool. Simply click and drag to create the perfect layout.

Create a report by choosing from subscription-related metrics and share with others

Create and share actionable reports

Generate a custom report by selecting the desired metrics and dimensions in the report builder. Share the insightful report with your team to foster collaboration and alignment among all members.

No-code experiment tools to test
monetization ideas faster

Paywall A/B testing

Use appflow.ai’s code-free A/B testing tools to test prices, monetization models, and more. Easily create paywalls with the built-in paywall builder. Get the most accurate results by splitting the traffic optimally, ultimately boosting in-app subscriptions.

This is a paywall A/B test on different subscription plans

Push notifications & In-app messages

Deliver timely personalized push notifications and in-app messages to engage and retain users in or out of the app. No need for development resources or app store approval anymore.

A phone displays a push notification and an in-app message, showing ways to engage with app users

Send subscription data with
built-in integrations

Forward subscription data and events to any third-party platforms you like with a single click. Refine your analysis with events and revenue data of the entire user journey.

Check integration doc »This is a logic map showing how appflow.ai forward subscription data to other third-party tools

Deploy in-app purchase
SDK effortlessly

Add Appflow SDK to your apps.
We will do the rest

Appflow.ai’s purchase SDK is the one-stop solution that streamlines the implementation and analysis of in-app subscriptions. Integration is easy in a few steps, no need for ongoing maintenance. Save all your developing resources on perfecting app functions.

This is a process visualization on how to integrate in-app purchase SDK to your apps to get real-time subscription data

What are the benefits of Appflow.ai?

This is an icon showing how appflow.ai's purchase sdk works

backend infrastructure

This is a subscription data graph  you can see at appflow.ai

Track subscription KPIs
in real-time

There are three graphs and charts showing the performance of your marketing strategies

marketing performance better

This is an icon showing two different subscription paywalls

Test monetization ideas faster

This is an icon showing an example of a subscriber's profile

Analyze subscribers on user level

In-app message and push notification are displayed separately on two phones

Engage users with no-code tools

Subscription Analytics Platform

Appflow.ai offers a one-stop solution to subscription apps, from revenue monitoring, data analysis to growth experiments. Explore Appflow.ai features below.

An icon shows two different experiment works

Paywall A/B testing

Customize paywalls with a built-in visual constructor and test out the most profitable one.

A subscription-related metric is growing

Subscription Analytics

Measure and analyze real-time subscription metrics more flexibly & gain actionable insights.

Attract and engage app users on one dashboard

User Engagement Tools

Automize personalized notifications and in-app messages without code.

This is an icon symbolizing appflow.ai's infrastructure


Develop an in-app purchase backend faster, eliminating the need for continuous maintenance.

This is an icon symbolizing how appflow.ai connect with other tools


Integrate easily with other data tools and get a unified view of marketing effectiveness.

Grow your subscription apps

with Appflow.ai Analytic Platform!