RevenueCat Alternative with a customer focus -

Our mission is growing and building a subscription economy together with our customers. Manage iOS and Android in-app subscription data, paywall A/B testing and push-notification in one place with

RevenueCat vs

RC - not at all
Appflow - suggestions on all features work
A/B Testing
RC - only 50/50 traffic with the same group only
Appflow - any traffic split, also could be tested with different groups
RC - classy
Appflow - trendy simple UX, cute mascot
Payment Ways
Main advantage of RC is more payments ways - not only in-app purchases


Subscription Analytics

We take all purchase and subscription data you have in your iOS and Android Analytics: trials, installs, payments, revenue, refunds, and much more. Keep app analytics and insight in one place to boost your mobile app subscriptions.

A/B testing

You can experiment with your monetization by checking what are the best paywalls for different groups and segments on Android or iOS apps. This will increase your business’ sales conversion rate.

App Cohort Analysis

Segment and compare different data states and subscriber groups, analyzing different data relations to improve your sales performance model and increase your monthly recurring revenue (MRR).


If you don't know how to use your data, this feature is for you - we are using Machine Learning to give you real-time advice on what to do next. Free up your time and focus on improving your digital infrastructure.

Remote Configuration

Send push notifications, change payment terms and paywalls - no code needed. Experiment your marketing and pricing idea whenever you want.


Integrate your chosen attribution and marketing analytics services to our platform. More data and settings opportunities to better understand your customers' behavior.