No-code User Engagement Tools for Subscription Apps

Effortlessly craft and deliver push notifications and in-app messages to app users without the requirement of coding or app release. Test monetization ideas to grow subscription revenue fast and intelligently.

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A push notification and an in-app message appear on the phone screen
In-app Messages

Engage users in the app

Distribute personalized and visually appealing messages directly within your app, driving actions, showcasing features, offering promotions, and gathering valuable feedback. Keep your users connected, informed, and engaged like never before.

An app user click on the in-app message which appear when user is  interacting with the app
Push Notifications

Re-engage users out of the app

Reignite user engagement with captivating push notifications that reach users wherever they are and drive them back to your app. Deliver personalized updates, exclusive offers, and relevant content to boost retention, conversion, and user satisfaction.

An app user clicks on the push notification when she hears the notification sound

Deploy user engagement campaigns across iOS and Android offers the flexibility for you to select the desired OS platform for establishing push notifications or in-app message campaigns, allowing you to maintain a strong connection with your app users, regardless of the number and platform of your apps.

You can select either Android or iOS as the operating system platform to execute push notification or in-app message campaigns with

Ignite timely messages with triggers

Activate messages with time or in-app events as the catalysts, delivering relevant content precisely and timely. Engage your audience with resonating, well-timed communication for an enhanced user experience.

This is the notification trigger setting where you can schedule the engaging message based on time trigger or event trigger

Drive user conversion with personalized messages

Customize your app messages for different user segments based on their subscription events, geographics, platforms, languages and acquisition channels, and more. Improve user conversion with personalized messages.

Create personalized messages and send them to different user segments

Ship engaging messages without code

With the subscription SDK integrated into the app, app marketers can effortlessly create and dispatch personalized push notifications and in-app messages, no more coding or app releasing involved.

There is a push notification that is ready to go if you give it a click

Test and measure user engagement ideas without engineers

App marketers can dynamically customize app messages to connect with their app users, test engagement ideas and measure the result based on real-time subscription metrics of their choice, without relying on engineers.

There are some push notification metrics you can track: sent, delivered, opens and customized conversion tracking
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Paywall A/B testing

Customize paywalls with a built-in visual constructor and test out the most profitable one.

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Subscription Analytics

Measure and analyze real-time subscription metrics more flexibly & gain actionable insights.

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Develop an in-app purchase backend faster, eliminating the need for continuous maintenance.

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Integrate easily with other data tools and get a unified view of marketing effectiveness.

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