No-code A/B Testing for In-app Subscription Paywall

Test out the most profitable in-app subscription models
with paywall A/B testing to boost app growth.
*No credit card required
Two different subscription paywalls are being tested

Test paywall variables without coding

Start the experiments by showing paywalls with variables to distinct user segments. Eliminate the guesswork out of paywall optimizations and make data-based decisions.

You can test subscription paywalls on paywall layouts, subscription price, subscription durations, subscription plans and multilingual

Monitor variables’ impact on subscription revenue measures the performance of each paywall with subscription event data. The true value of your experiments supports you with confidence in paywall changing.‘s A/B testing tool tracks the experiment result, including subscriptions and revenue from each paywall
Visual Constructor

Create subscription paywalls for A/B testing in minutes

Instantly build custom paywalls using the built-in design tool——Visual Constructor, incorporating variables like multilingual content, subscription price, background images, videos, and more, without any coding or app store approval.

This is the paywall builder where you can customize subscription paywalls for A/B testing
User Segments

Target the right paywall to the right subscribers

Segment users by country, language, age, acquisition channel and more. Take advantage of this context and match more targeted paywalls with the right users to attain higher conversion and convincing A/B testing results.

You can segment users based on their similarities and target them with the right paywalls
Traffic Allocation

Split app users as you want enables flexible traffic allocation, so you can do A/B testing with proportional sampling. For example, you do the experiment by taking 33% of users from America and 67% from Spain according to the actual proportion they take in your whole user base.

You can allocate traffic for different subscription paywalls
A/B Testing Across Platforms

Subscription paywall A/B testing for iOS & Android

With, effortlessly conduct A/B testing to uncover the optimal subscription paywall that boosts conversion rates, regardless of your target audience's device preferences. Simply select the experiment platform, and handles the rest seamlessly.

You can conduct subscription paywall A/B testing on iOS as well as on Android
Remote Configuration

Set up the subscription paywall with one click

Once you identify the most lucrative paywall through experiment, you can remotely configure it without requiring app store approval. Simply click on "Activate" in the paywall settings, granting immediate access to all your app users.

You can activate the most profitable paywall with only one click for all your app users
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"Premium" plan and above
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