A/B testing
for Subscriptions App

A/B testing allows you to experiment with different elements of your app by showing a segment of your users different versions of the same thing to see which element or version performs better. Test your pricing strategies, subscription models and features with a wide range of customization.

A/B Price Testing

Price testing help you understand your customer base, and how they respond to different price models. Configure and personalize price comparison with our A/B testing tool.
Imagine that you want to see what happens if you test a $20/month subscription on 50% of your users in the US. And in Canada, you test the remaining 50% of your users with a $10/month subscription.
With just a few clicks, you can easily achieve this and have a better insight for resource allocation and measuring potential returns.

A/B Testing for Paywall

You can show different paywalls to a certain segment of your users, at the same time. The data you get from this will indicate which paywall is more effective and drives business metrics, which will help increase the number of in-app purchases of your product.
Design your paywall with remote configuration

Split your users the way you want

We also give you free rein when it comes to splitting your user base. Some companies offer a 50/50 split. But we love being different. With us, you get complete freedom to split your users any way you want.

A/B Testing for iOS & Android

Regardless of what type of device your target audience uses, Appflow can help you optimize your results.
We’ve created a more complex system that allows mixpanel A/B testing of different segments and different SKUs. This works for iOS subscription testing for Apple users or Android subscription testing for Android users.
A/B Testing is available in Appflow plan "Premium" and above.
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