Integrate Subscription Data on One Dashboard

Seamlessly synchronize subscription data and events with analytical or marketing platforms using the pre-built integrations, providing a comprehensive view of your app users' entire journey.

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One-click built-in integrations

Instantly combine subscription data and events from with your preferred platforms with just a single click.

Integrate with other analytical tools you like, such as Adjust, Appsflyer and more

Get an overview of the entire user journey

Merge subscription data together to get the whole image of your subscribers’ journey, starting from their initial interest in the app, progressing to their subscription to the service, and even including instances of churn.

The app user journey starts from initial interest to subscription and finally churn

Evaluate real marketing efforts via integrations

Acquire data from attribution platforms or marketing platforms to obtain insights on the subscription revenue generated by individual marketing channels, including keyword-level analysis. Improve marketing allocation and achieve superior outcomes.

This funnel visualizes the post-install event of users from Apple Search Ads and ads marketing effectiveness on the keyword level
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Paywall A/B testing

Customize paywalls with a built-in visual constructor and test out the most profitable one.

A subscription-related metric is growing

Subscription Analytics

Measure and analyze real-time subscription metrics more flexibly & gain actionable insights.

Attract and engage app users on one dashboard

User Engagement Tools

Automize personalized notifications and in-app messages without code.

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Develop an in-app purchase backend faster, eliminating the need for continuous maintenance.

Grow your subscription apps

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