In-app Subscription
Analytics for
Actionable Insight

Monitor real-time in-app subscription data for iOS and Android in one customizable dashboard. Make data-driven decisions to acquire, engage, convert, retain, and win back app users.

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This is's real-time subscription dashboard where you can see all the data metrics related to in-app subscription
Subscription Metrics & Dashboard

Growth-driven subscription metrics & KPIs

Keep tabs on all vital subscription metrics in real time to uncover untapped chances for revenue expansion.

A list of in-app subscription metrics, including installs, trials, subscriptions, revenue and more

Build custom dashboards based on analytics need

While's built-in dashboard offers essential insights for subscription growth, a personalized dashboard may be preferred for more exclusive analytics. You can effortlessly customize dashboards to cater to your specific needs.

Specify in-app purchase types for more granular data

Our advanced SKU setting empowers you to categorize app products based on different in-app purchase types. Utilize these purchase types as filters for more precise data and accurate understanding, enabling informed decisions to boost revenue.

Data visualization tools—Configurator

With’s data visualization tool—Configurator, you can construct subscription data widgets at your wish: funnel analysis, cohort analysis, and custom slices.

Funnel Analysis

Map user journey in seconds

Easily create a custom funnel to analyze user interactions with the app or marketing channels(keyword level). Monitor user progression and conversion rates between steps. Detect any obstacles and resolve them to improve app design, user experience, and overall marketing effectiveness.

This is a funnel visualizing the app user journey from installs to reactivations with conversion rates between each step

Create custom reports in clicks

Generate reports effortlessly by selecting the desired time range, metrics, and dimensions. Export the reports with just a single click and share them with the entire team for enhanced collaboration and aligned work.

An app marketer shows a report made by's report editor
Subscriber Management

Subscriber CRM on the individual level

Gain access to subscribers’ detailed profiles, subscription status, transaction details, and in-app event history all on one page, enhancing your comprehension of the app user journey.

This is a subscriber's profile showing the subscription status and in-app events
Subscription Analytics is Free up to 10K MTR
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An icon shows two different experiment works

Paywall A/B testing

Customize paywalls with a built-in visual constructor and test out the most profitable one.

Attract and engage app users on one dashboard

User Engagement Tools

Automize personalized notifications and in-app messages without code.

This is an icon symbolizing's infrastructure


Develop an in-app purchase backend faster, eliminating the need for continuous maintenance.

This is an icon symbolizing how connect with other tools


Integrate easily with other data tools and get a unified view of marketing effectiveness.

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