Subscription Analytics

Unveil your mobile subscription data and calculate app revenue, retention, and churn in one dashboard.

Get into your customers' heads and find out how your subscribers behave. Respond to your users' need timely with accurate and comprehensive mobile app analytics metrics.


Mobile App Analytics KPIs

Know who are using your app - also when and how they are using it. Measure your users engagement with Mixpanel app analytics. Understand user behaviors and motivation with amplitude insights.


Monthly Recurring Revenue

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the revenue your company’s predicted to receive on a monthly basis. Important metrics for overall business profitability and cash flow.


Filter your end-user data by device, country, acquisition, and more. Knowing and understanding the motivations of your cohorts will help you better reach them.


Churn and growth

Analyze and compare churn and growth for the same period of time, simultaneously — using one chart.


Reactivated and renewed subscriptions

Reactivated and renewed subscriptions help you gauge how valuable your app is to your customers. Boost the potential for renewed subscriptions as well as customer retention for your business.


Reasons for cancellation

View all cancellation reasons using a simple pie chart. We break the data up making it easy to compare Apple and Android users.



Different stage, different strategy. Follow your customer journey and optimize your marketing funnel through the conversion rate for new installs, trials, subscriptions, refunds, and renewals.

for iOS and Android

When working with clients who operate from mobile devices, it is critical to understand Android analytics as well as that of iOS. Being able to use these metrics makes it possible for you to reach out to your customers and potential customers in the most effective way.

Analytics is available in all Appflow plans.
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