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—— About Us is built to support mobile app companies to build and expand their in-app subscriptions. Initially, we developed as an internal solution for our own apps, but we soon realized the potential of to assist other mobile companies facing challenges with in-app subscription infrastructure. This realization inspired us to make the platform open and accessible to all. 

Today, transcends its role as a mere subscription purchase backend. It has evolved into a comprehensive subscription analytics platform, providing you with crucial subscription metrics and marketing tools essential for boosting your in-app subscription business. 

At, our mission is to support your growth even before we focus on our own. That's why we offer all subscription analytics on our free plan. We firmly believe that by gaining valuable insights into the subscription data within your app, you will be empowered to elevate your subscription app to new heights. We have experienced this firsthand, and we are confident that you can too. 

Join us at as we embark on a journey of mutual growth. Together, let's unlock the true potential of your in-app subscriptions and drive your mobile app company to unparalleled success.