Hi guys, we’re Appflow!
It’s been two years since we became our first client. Yep, we hired ourselves. But this put us in a very good position, as we were able to truly understand how and where analytics is needed in a growing business.
So, when we say,
“We get it,”
we really do.
What does Appflow do?
We work with analytics morning, noon, and night.
We use AI to help people achieve more with their business. Yes, that means we give you data. But it doesn’t just end there. We actually tell you what to do with it. Did someone say that’s the best part? Yeah, don’t mind if we agree.
Our main goal is to become the coolest and most used analytics tool that gets businesses more leads and helps them make better decisions faster.
We’ve got teams spread all over the world: Singapore, China, and Ukraine.
Meet the team
our CEO
He’s calm, kind, caring...and always in a singlet. Breaking the “big boss” mould is what he does best. Thanks to that, Appflow has a working environment that could not be replaced.
our very modest chief technology officer
He likes to say that he’s “just a developer” even though he knows every piece of code this planet has ever seen.
our product manager
She’s the chatterbox in the team. If we’re in need of a laugh, Tamara is the one to turn to. The language barrier does get in the way of her jokes sometimes, but that’s also funny. Either way, we’re laughing.
our designer
She’s got brains, that’s for sure. We haven’t met anyone as enthusiastic about design as she is. Oh, did we mention she has a PhD and is a professor at her local university?
our frontend developer
When she’s not rocking at her job, she’s on a midnight bus, cruising around the city. A bowl of noodles is her kryptonite.
our other frontend developer
Eager beaver is an understatement. We can always expect him to be the first one on any call. He’s passionate and maybe in love? We’re still figuring that one out.
our backend developer
Most of the backend has been done by this guy. Yudong may look very serious, but he’s smiling on the inside. Apparently he loves the number three, and fishing. You’re okay there, Yudong?
our other backend developer
Finishing all tasks early, coming to all calls late - this is our Dayday. Yudong was so happy that almost cried when he joined the team to handle a part of the backend. He also has a nice cat Yanyan that he often shows on standups.
our QA tester
She is our secret weapon for a quality experience but her secret weapon is her ability to crush any system in order to force it to be stronger and better. While her skills make any system better, her energy makes your day better.
our business manager
Surie is our go-to-market, sales, business, analytics, marketing, many-other-statuses manager. We still are not sure what is her position about but we love it! She is working on making our product better on the client's eyes!
our marketing manager
And Aubrey’s her name. A not so very ordinary girl or name. She is a speedster, attacker, defender, supporter and all-rounder. She plays to score and score to win. United with the team, they can do everything.
our marketing executive
Her name is Vivien, a positive, easygoing and open-minded girl. She is the Marketing Executive of the company. Every day you can see her smile. But don’t be afraid, she is not insane. She keeps smiling as much as possible because smiling can keep her in a good mood and become beautiful. So as you can see, her looking is not bad haha.
the cat
Meaw! This is Muffin. She is our Head of Meawrketing. Every time something is broken, we call her first. She is also a friendly reminder we are the real team, not the introverts and geeks sitting somewhere and coding. We are the same as you are and we love Muffin the same as you will love Appflow!
If you want to join our brilliant team...
Just fill in the form and we will get back to you!