5 Mobile App Subscription Analytics Tools You Should Know

Boost your in-app subscription by choosing the right kind of subscription analytics tools.

“What is powering mobile and driving mobile spend? The simple answer is: in-app subscriptions.” Many mobile apps are now adopting a subscription model as a big way to generate app revenue. So unavoidably, there emerge all kinds of subscription data, which would be necessary to collect and analyze. App companies can either create and build their own subscription database or they can rely on mobile app subscription analytics tools to do the job. However, there are dazzling kinds of tools in the marketplace. What exactly are the subscription analytics tools and which one is right to choose? Read on to find the answers.

What are Mobile App Subscription Analytics Tools?

Mobile app subscription analytics tools are software that monitors the performance of subscription-based apps. Using a data analytics tool usually requires installing an SDK on the app. After the installation, the subscription tools are able to capture, measure and gather user subscription data from the mobile app. The information collected will be often visible on the dashboard of the subscription analytics tool. In this way, vendors get to know the subscription data of the app, such as revenue, renewed subscriptions, canceled subscriptions, churn rate, etc. and gain insights into users’ behaviors.

Reasons to Use a Subscription Analytics Tool

Except for those who have built their own dashboard for subscription analytics, every app company has a necessity to use a subscription analytics tool to track applications’ subscription data and behavior. The reasons are as follows:

  • Subscription analytics tools monitor the performance of the app. Data tells everything: how many users have installed the app or subscribed or churn. All these real-time data acts as reminders that would tell app owners how the app has performed. A decline in subscription data means a bad performance of the app, which is a critical sign that reminds you to do something to optimize the app's performance. performance data of an app tracked by appflow
  • Subscription analytics software tracks the efficiency of their subscription models. Not every subscription model is popular among every user, but as app marketers, finding the most suitable one for the app by employing A/B testing is the most essential step towards the revenue goal. Luckily, data from these tools can be a reliable sign to detect which subscription model is the best one for the app.A:B testing example created by appflow.ai
  • Subscription analytics platforms examine the effectiveness of sales activities. By performing cohort analysis to segment app users, sales teams are able to recognize their target users and identify new business opportunities. cohorts analytics created by appflow.ai
  • Subscription analytics solutions simplify or even eliminate the coding work. Some of these solutions enable app companies to do remote configuration with no code needed, such as sending push notifications, changing payment terms and paywalls, etc. At the same time, developers can be more focused on building the powerful features in their apps.push notification campaigns created by appflow.ai

5 Mobile App Subscription Analytics Tools

Now that the concept of subscription analytics tools is clear to you. It is time to know the top 5 Mobile App Subscription Analytics Tools.

1. Appflow.ai 

Started Price: $3.88/$1k MTR
Freemium: Yes 

Appflow.ai is a newly-launched mobile app subscription analytics tool that helps app companies analyze their real-time in-app subscription data from iOS and Android. After the simple steps of adding the appflow.ai SDK to apps, appflow.ai begins tracking all the subscription-related data and put them on one dashboard for users to check. Apart from this, Appflow.ai provides an Analytics dashboard that calculates automatically the most important metrics for app business, such as MRR, churn rate, growth rate, conversion rate and so on.  

appflow.ai website image subscription analytics tool More features:

  • Cohorts
Choose from various criteria, such as Installs, Subscriptions, Countries, Segments, Acquisition Channels, SKUs, and Platforms to know better the app's major market and potential customers.

  • Funnels

Funnels are a powerful tool to better understand app users. It shows how app users behave in a form of funnels with different elements to choose from, which enables app marketers to determine their unique marketing strategies.

  • Users

Appflow.ai captures every app user and displays their information, such as name, email, revenue, SKU, etc, on the same page for app marketers. The segment function here supports segmenting app users all in one place.

  • A/B testing

Appflow.ai can test pricing strategies, subscription models, features and other elements with a wide range of customization, such as dividing users into several groups at uneven percentages.

  • Push Notifications

Timely communication is the key to user retention. Code-free push notifications at appflow.ai can be sent based on event triggers or time triggers.  

2. RevenueCat

Started Price: $8/$1k MTR
Freemium: Yes 

RevenueCat is a subscription platform for mobile apps. Its open-source framework provides a backend and a wrapper around StoreKit and Google Play Billing to make implementing in-app purchases and subscriptions easy. After installing the SDK, RevenueCat would start fetching products, making purchases and checking status, and displaying basic-in-app subscription data (Active Trials, Active subscriptions, MRR, Revenue, etc.) in the dashboard.

revenuecat homepage screenshot

More Features:

  • Customers

Revenuecat tracks app users’ information, such as email, Status, Spent, Latest Purchases and put them in the same place for app marketers to review.

  • A/B testing

A/B testing allows testing on price, trial length, subscription length, different groupings of products, etc.

To conclude, RevenueCat may focus more on data collecting and have few other marketing tools.

3. Qonversion

Started Price: $99/month(Includes $20,000 MTR, +4$/additional $1k MTR)
Freemium: Yes

Qonversion is a subscription data platform for mobile-first companies. It provides comprehensive subscription analytics, such as new users, trials, revenue, subscription retention, etc. Users have to implement the SDK first before tracking their app performance.

qonversion homepage screenshoot

More Features:

  • A/B Testing

Qonversion enables users to test on paywalls and in-app purchases.

  • Push Notifications

Send automated, personalized messages generated by in-app purchase events. 

  • Cohort

Do cohort analysis by choosing from filters such as product, currency, device, country and app version.

  • Customer

Qonversion provides user information, such as Last Payment, Currency, Payments, etc.

To conclude, Qonversion is good for subscription data analysis and it can be a marketing tool.

4. Adapty

Started Price: $7.99/$1k MTR
Freemium: Yes 

Adapty is a subscription data analytics software that helps mobile developers analyze and grow in-app subscriptions. Just like the other subscription data analytics platform, it measures in-app economy from trials to refunds with real-time analytics, which would be 99.5% accuracy with App Store Connect. 

adapty homepage screenshot

More Features:

  • A/B Testing 

Adapty allows A/B testing on paywalls without app releases.

  • Funnels

Select product, country, attribution, and other filters to form and check valuable hypotheses.

  • Cohorts

Form cohorts by install day, install month, platform, country and products. Change cohorts by month, week and day.

To conclude, Adapty is nice for subscription data analysis while it may help with marketing strategies as well.

5. Apphud

Started Price: $99/month(Includes $10,000 MTR, +$9.99/additional $1k MTR)
Freemium: Yes 

Apphud is another subscription analytics tool that measures in-app purchases, including subscriptions, in iOS and Android apps. Just like most of the other subscription tools and platforms, it provides reliable subscription infrastructure and real-time mobile analytics, such as Revenue, Purchases, Subscriptions, etc.

apphud homepage screenshot

More Features:

  • A/B testing

Apphud allows A/B testing on pricing and paywalls.

  • Push Notifications

Automatically send Push notifications based on rules.

  • Cohorts

There are two charts available in the Cohorts section: subscribers and net revenue retention. 

To conclude, Apphud can be a good subscription analytics tool and its A/B testing feature can help decide the best pricing plan.

Final Take Away

As in-app subscriptions are taking more app marketing revenue percentage, app owners are in need of a mobile app subscription analytics tool. With so many tools out there, they should make sure they are adopting the most suitable and right one for their app. So it is necessary to investigate carefully all these mobile analytics software before installing them to the app. And remember anyway, the subscription tool is designed to increase app revenue, reduce churn, get app user insights and facilitate the marketing process.

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5 Mobile App Subscription Analytics Tools You Should Know

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