Apple Search Ads Attribution and Analytics Tools

Find out tools to measure the performance of your Apple Search Ads and make adjustments.

Apple Search Ads is an effective paid acquisition channel to get app users. With its continuous popularity, sometimes you may feel it is getting harder to gain the audition for your app. Without impressions, it is little possible to acquire app users via Apple search ads. 

So how can you change this situation and make the best potential out of Apple Search Ads? Well, today’s digital marketing world is changing constantly. As an app marketer or app growth manager, You should make all the marketing decisions based on data.

As we may all know, Apple offers ads data reports for us to check. However, the delayed data is not enough for scaling your Apple Search Ads. In today’s fast-paced world, we need data analytics for instant visibility into key performance metrics. That‘s where Apple Search Ads attribution and analytics tools come in.

In this article, we compile a list of Apple Search Ads attribution and analytics tools, which can help analyze the performance of the ads, track post-install events and reveal insights to scale your app. 

Apple Search Ads Attribution and Analytics Tools

  2. Adjust
  3. AppsFlyer
  4. Branch
  5. AppTweak
  6. MarinOne
  7. Luna
  8. Appradar
  9. Airbridge
  11. Splitmetrics
  13. Redbox Mobile


apple-search-ads-post-install-events-tracking(source: is a subscription analytics platform that helps subscription apps to build, analyze, manage and grow their in-app subscriptions. Its funnel analysis is designed for user acquisition channel analysis with user behavior/events after installing the subscription App. 

After integrating Apple Seach Ads direct attribution into, you can measure ASA performance with post-install events at the ads campaign, ads group and keyword level, such as: how many users from which keyword starts trial; how many paid for the app service; which keyword brings highest subscription revenue…

By choosing which ads level you want to analyze, this out-of-box analytics tool will visualize the post-install events and data into a funnel. The default one tracks installations>trials>subscriptions>refunds/renewals-off. You can also send unique events to and customize the Funnel to your need.

From the funnel, you can see clearly the conversion rate between each step with the exact number. You can compare the performance of different keywords so you will know which keyword performs the best by bringing the highest subscription rate. With these insights, you can make better ad budget allocations for Apple Search Ads to boost your subscription revenue.

Note:’s funnel analysis is available on the Free plan. If you want to try it for tracking Apple Search Ads post-install events, you can start by creating an account(no credit card required).

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2. Adjust


Adjust-works-with-ASA-attribution-API(source: Adjust)

Adjust is a mobile attribution and analytics platform that help app marketers measure advertising performance across platforms. 

By Integrating Apple Search Ads into Adjust, you can see the ads attribution data in the dashboard. These attribution data provide insights into a user’s acquisition journey: how they get to know your app, how they interact with it, whether they download the app, and which ad leads to their downloading. You can also compare user behaviors and patterns using its cohorts feature.

This attribution platform gives full transparency for media performance across multiple advertising channels in one unified platform. You can use these data insights for in-depth analysis to optimize your app marketing strategies and drive app growth.

Pro tip: You can integrate Adjust into to track both attribution data and post-install events.

3. AppsFlyer

Apple search ads AppsFlyer

apple-search-ads-partner-AppsFlyer(source: AppsFlyer)

AppsFlyer, a fair alternative to Adjust, is a cloud-based mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform which assists app marketers with campaign management and conversion tracking.

After integrating Apple Search Ads with Adjust, you will be able to easily link your Apple Search Ads account to activate automatic cost data, deep linking support, and advanced analytics such as LTV, ROI, and reattribution metrics. 

This Apple Search Ads attribution tool enables you to view the keyword data, compare the quality of users based on keyword data, analyze keyword cost and find the best-performing creative set. These valuable marketing data can help you maximize the benefits of using Apple Search Ads.

4. Branch


apple-search-ads-attribution-tool(source: Branch)

Branch is a mobile linking and attribution platform that helps app marketers drive and measure engagement and performance from all your marketing channels, from deep-linked re-engagement ads to web and email campaigns. 

This attribution tool can help track Apple Search Ads campaigns by fetching the Apple Search Ads attribution API. You can track the effectiveness of a campaign in the attribution data dashboard, as well as other Branch statistics, such as total installs, referrals and app link statistics.

Branch’s unbiased attribution data can help grow the app business, improve customer experience, and optimize campaign performance.

5. AppTweak


apple-search-ads-keywords-research(source: Apptweak)

AppTweak is actually an App Store Acquisition platform that helps app marketers grow their apps. AppTweak’s features gather data directly from the app stores.

Its Ad Intelligence offers valuable insights to fuel mobile advertising strategies. You will get to know the data-driven insights of your ad's keywords: which brings the highest number of installations and who is bidding on your best keywords and which keywords your competitors are bidding on with Apple Search Ads and more.

This Apple Search Ads keyword analytics tool will help optimize your ad spend and gain more visibility across the store.

6. MarinOne


apple-search-ads-analytics(source: MarinOne)

MarinOne is an Apple Search Ads measurement tool for app markers to manage and optimize Apple Search Ads campaigns. 

MarinOne allows integration with mobile measurement solutions, like Appsflyer, Branch and more to give you a complete view of your return on investment. 

This analytics tool helps automatically identify growth opportunities in your account, optimize the level of spend and manage bidding to deliver the best possible performance. 

7. Luna


apple-search-ads-analysis-tool(source: Luna)

Luna is an all-in-one marketing platform that empowers app and game businesses to improve performance. One of its remarkable features is Apple Search Ads optimization.

From Luna’s data dashboard, you can get a unified view of all the data from Apple Search Ads campaigns, MMP and the internal BI system. You can analyze keyword and custom product page performance, track impression share, and optimize the Apple Search Ads campaign according to the campaign reports.

Using this Apple Search Ads analytics tool, you can find high-potential keywords efficiently, analyze campaign results deeply, and optimize bids automatically. 

8. Appradar


app-ads-data(source: Appradar)

Appradar is an app marketing platform that offers App Store Optimization and App Advertising tools. One of its features is Ad Performance Tracking.

It bridges the gap between ASO, Google App Campaigns and Apple Search Ads data in one single overview. You can see both the organic and app store advertising performance metrics on the same dashboard. This is good for analyzing ad performance respectively. You can understand whether your paid app store ads are really working.

Making good use of this analytics tool for Apple Search Ads campaigns can let you know the real impact of the app store ads. So you can make the right ad budget allocation decisions.

9. Airbridge


app-ads-report(source: Airbridge)

Airbridge is a universal attribution measurement tool helping brands measure true marketing effectiveness across web and mobile.

By integrating with Apple Search Ads, you can begin tracking ads performance. You can analyze the performance with real-time data: impressions, clicks, conversions, retention, uninstalls, cost aggregation, revenue, and more. You can also make integrations with other ad platforms so that you can get all the performance data in one unified place.

With Airbridge’s real-time data and reporting, you can get to know the real effectiveness of your Apple Search Ads and unleash the ads’ full potential.


apple-search-ads-data-dashboard(source: is an all-in-one Apple Search Ads campaign management platform to empower your app to rank highly in App Store search results, with all the smart tools to find keywords and scale campaigns.

Integrating with Apple Search Ads account, you can capture valuable data, which generates key metrics & chart views for instant insights, delivering transparent and first-hand data to support your business. helps you unlock the potential of Apple Search Ads with data insights, automation intelligence, keyword discovery, MMP integration and smart campaign.

11. SplitMetrics


apple-search-ads-full-funnel-report(source: SearchAdsHQ)

SplitMetrics provides intelligent data-driven solutions designed for advanced Apple Search Ads automation and optimization, mobile app concept validation and A/B testing, and market insights, as well as full-cycle professional services for app and brand growth. 

SplitMetrics Acquire enables you to automate ad bids by creating rules and get data insights in one unified dashboard by integrating with Apple Search Ads and other MMPs you are using. You can therefore get a full-funnel view of your paid ads performance.

Use insights from this Apple Seach Ads management and analytics tool to make strategic marketing decisions and hit your ROI goals.



apple-search-ads-reports(source: is an Apple Search Ads analytics tool that aims to help scale your ROAS. This tool connects directly with Apple Search Ads, so you don’t need to integrate with other third-party data platforms. 

It provides keyword-level analytics and shows you earnings from your ads campaigns. Metrics that are available include installs, CPT bid, CPA goal, avg CPT, avg CPA, LTV, impression share, etc.

With this tool, you can get all the data insights you need to optimize ads bid and make the best out of Apple Search Ads.

13. Redbox Mobile


apple-search-ads-data(source: Redbox Mobile)

Redbox Mobile offers solutions spanning App Store Optimization, Apple Search Ads and creative services. 

Astra Search Ads by Redbox Mobile can create multi-region campaigns within minutes. Cost Per Tap Bids and budget allocations are optimized 24/7 with the aim of generating the maximum number of downloads for your specified rate of spend.

You can easily see how your campaign is performing with the dynamic data visualization showing which region is generating the most downloads over the month, the most effective keywords in your campaign and how well it is performing after the install.

Astra not only helps speed up the set-up and optimization processes but it also bridges the gap between Apple Search Ads and your attribution partner. These comprehensive data deliver insights and suggest opportunities to scale your Apple Search Ads. 

Final Take Away

There is no secret that you need to monitor the performance of your ads when running Apple Search Ads. You should identify the slightest changes and trends in time so you can take timely actions to deal with them. However, this can involve tons of work. 

Using an Apple Search Ads attribution and analytics tool can make things easier. Choose the tool that meets your needs and start scaling your Apple Search Ads today.

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