How To Grow Your LTV Organically

Ways to boost LTV for your subscription apps.

Growing the value of your users is simple and easy. If that were true, then all apps would be successful. So, how can you truly grow your LTV? While there is no special trick or shortcut, there are ways to improve the performance of your application as well as the relationship between you and your users. 

If you develop apps that rely on monthly mobile subscriptions, then having a solid rapport with your users is essential. Although it is not possible to forecast the future performance of your platform, having this rapport will give you the information on how to respond to problems and help your customers (and encourage their continued use of your app).

Improve User Experiences through A/B Testing 

One way to better understand your customers is through A/B testing. A/B testing is a process of testing your platform by using two different samples. This could be testing how users respond to new features on an android device/iOS device and getting a detailed report comparing results. Comparing the different experiences of subscribers gives your business insights into how they use your app and how you can interact with your users in a way to encourage retention.

Understand Retention Rate

For any app that relies on mobile subscriptions, the retention rate is one of the most important data points in terms of long-term success. If there is a dip in your app’s retention rate, there is a potential issue, conversely, if your app is gaining users then you should understand the origin of this growth so that you can take advantage of the opportunity. We all want to deliver a good service, but the fact is that subscription revenue keeps app development businesses going, but to understand the retention rate and app analytics, we need an app analytics company to test and make sense of the data.

There are many benefits to using an app analytics company. For example, works with its clients to help them better understand their users. They work with Android and iOS analytics and have an all-around understanding of mobile subscription services and their apps. They help to test business models and provide live suggestions on how to interact with clients. Having an outside company explain how your model can be improved is a great asset.

Engage Users with Push Notifications

 Another way a mobile analytics company like can help your app engage with your subscribers is through push notifications. Push notifications are notifications that appear on a user’s phone or device even when they are not using the app. These notifications can be used to improve the retention rate of users. One way they can do this is that when a user is about to unsubscribe, they can be offered some special deal to encourage them to continue their subscription (and payments) this can increase the LTV through retention.

Fix Crashlytics

Lastly, a way to organically grow your app’s LTV is by using Crashlytics. Even if your app is a brilliant piece of engineering and development, there are potential errors and crashes that can be caused by user error or a problem with their device. Crashlytics is used as a means to understand the source of these crashes so you can improve your infrastructure and as well as the user’s experience going forward.


The goal of any app development business is to create an excellent user experience while also having a consistent and beneficial income. This can seem difficult, but with the right tools and processes, it is possible. By working with analytics services and interacting productively with your users, your company will be well positioned to improve your LTV.

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How To Grow Your LTV Organically

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