Top Subscription Apps for your Subscription-based apps

Here are a list of top subscription apps.

Subscription apps have always been the talk of the town.
You pay a little extra for the applications and get to take the various advantages of using mobile applications.
And not only this, but you can have the privilege of using all the services in advance.

What are subscription apps and models?

Subscription apps and models are increasingly on the rise among mobile applications.
A subscription app or model is one of the revenue models which is popularly used for monetizing the applications. Here the users see the option to subscribe and pay a regular fee to access the privileges.
Companies are showing more attention to building long-term connections rather than going for some short-term or low-quality and high-volume user acquisition numbers.
However, a smooth user journey can never help develop a long-term relationship with users.
But it requires a long way to get the outcomes this way.
Just like starting with the users to attract them towards the business, taking them to a free trial to become loyal subscribers.
Let us get acquainted with a few subscription applications that have grown successfully in the subscription world.

Top Subscription apps

1. Spotify

Spotify is a popular digital music service that enables the users to access millions of songs and music of their choice devoid of any advertisements.

Imagine you listening to your favorite music and suddenly an advertisement comes up with some promotional content?

Or you are hosting a party at your home and have connected your mobile with the speakers. While enjoying the music and dancing over the party songs, BOOM an advertisement comes up!

Embarrassing right?

Obviously the advertisements are one annoying part but what if it can be removed permanently from the applications?

Well, yes, a Spotify subscription lets you enjoy your favorite music without any break.

2. Google One

If you are a Gmail user, you probably have heard about the Google One application.
Well, it's a storage plan that provides more storage to utilize across the various google platforms like Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive.
And it doesn't end here.
The google one membership or subscription plan enables you to get additional benefits that come along.

3. Disney+

Disney+ is an on-demand video subscription platform that is operated by the Distribution division of The Walt Disney Company.
It lets the subscribers and non-subscribers stream shows and movies from Marvel, Pixar, Disney, etc. The subscription lets the users pay a small amount for the on-demand streaming of every video of the user's demand.

4. Twitch

Twitch is also a streaming platform on which people broadcast their videos.

Sounds interesting right.

However, twitch has evolved a lot over the years. And now it has expanded its categories by allowing people to see cooking, vlogging live, creating art, singing and many more.

A complete entertainment package.

However, talking about its subscriptions, it comes with the benefits of having ad-free viewing, exclusive emotes and many more.

5. Tinder

 Tinder app is simply a fun app that utilizes the swipe feature. If you like someone, swipe right, and if someone also likes you back, that means it's a match!!
It's a pretty amazing app that keeps you just a tap away from the people who might be interested in you or you interested in them.
A subscription feature with the Tinder app lets you access all the features while hiding all the advertisements. This means that a single subscription can help you get a seamless and ad-free experience devoid of any hassles.

6. Pandora

Pandora is a music streaming service that carries a huge focus on the recommendations of the Music Genome Project. It basically follows the classification of the individual songs based on their musical traits.
Pandora subscription allows users to get unlimited offline listening, searching, and playing songs on-demand.
That means you don't have to stay online all the time to stay connected to your favorite music.
Go anywhere and listen to your favorite music with no fear of the internet and network limitations.


Are you a sports lover? Then probably, this platform is not new to you.
Yes, it's a sports streaming platform that enables you to enjoy your favorite sports.
While ESPN alone helps you view your favorite sports with a click, the subscription lets you view the live games, original programs, and in-depth analysis of the same.

8. YouTube Music

YouTube is the topmost music streaming application that is used by almost everyone having a smart device. Believe it or not, it is indeed the highest music streaming app that has engaged users in numerous ways.
Whether it is about music streaming only, letting the users showcase their talent online, or getting knowledge from a tutor devoid of any geographical limits.
YouTube has successfully managed to make a stronger client base. And the subscriber benefits are way higher than you think.
The subscriber button on any youtube channel's page lets you get notified about the newly uploaded videos and even saves you from missing out on any of the valuable video content.
Isn't it amazing?

9. Bumble

Bumble app is an online dating app that lets you connect with the users you might be interested in.
In this, the potential matches profiles are shown to the users, who can select their choice based on their interests.
The subscription allows the users to unlock the additional features of the app, like profile boosts and advanced filters to keep the search more specific.

10. Hulu

Hulu app enables the users to watch their favorite stuff live, including the news, sports, and even events. Everything can be assessed with the Hulu app streaming library.
The Hulu subscription app provides you with an ad-free viewing experience.

11. HBO Max

HBO max is again a streaming app that lets the users access everything of their choice.
This may include shows, films, and many more, and a subscription lets you access it all easily with all the exclusive rights and ad-free experience.
What does the subscription market analysis say?

This list of subscription apps was recently updated based on the user's choices.

The increased share of use of subscription apps shows a huge potential for the mobile revenue models over the recent past years.

If you are a developer and looking to build a long-term relationship with the application users, a subscription-based pricing model might be of your choice.

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Final Takeaway!

It is pretty challenging to manage all the subscriptions. You may have several interests, and for each interest, you might have chosen the best subscription apps for you.
Some might be the apps with monthly subscriptions, while some have annual ones.
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Top Subscription Apps for your Subscription-based apps

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