Stepping Up Your App Game: Why Advertising Matters

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So, you've got an awesome app? Great! 

But here's the thing – the app world is jam-packed. 

Some stats suggest a chunk of apps never really get the attention they deserve. 

Why? Most stumble when it comes to getting the word out. In fact, on average, people are exposed to between 6,000 and 10,000 advertisements a day, the vast majority of which are forgotten about in seconds.

Effective advertising is the difference between your app being the talk of the town or just another whisper in the crowd. And that's where we come in. 

Join us as we dive into the challenges of app advertising and how PropellerAds can give your app the spotlight it deserves.

How the Right Marketing Efforts Make Your App Shine Out?

A little bit of inspiration: as an app owner, you can strive for great results with your marketing efforts, and here are two core reasons why:

  1. Money Talks: Advertising budgets for mobile apps have skyrocketed in recent years, expected to reach $494.95 billion by the end of 2024. With billions being poured into app promotions annually, it's evident that businesses see value in investing in-app advertising.
  2. Rising Popularity and Potential: From gaming and e-commerce to health and fitness, certain app sectors are witnessing unprecedented growth. The rise of mobile app traffic signals the unwavering popularity and potential of these niches.

And, let’s add a couple more inspiring facts: here are successful case studies from PropellerAds partners who promoted apps. You can do the same with the right tools — so look how it can be:

Case 1: Fantasy Sports Affiliate Marketing: Touchdown in Advertising

Background: A partner set sights on NFL fans, primarily targeting Fantasy Sports enthusiasts using PropellerAds Popunder ads. The campaign's beauty lay in its simplicity: users were led to a prelander and then straight to the App Store.


  • Dominated the NFL 2022-2023 season, pulling in over 2,000,000 users for the top app offer.
  • Daily revenue went beyond $7,000 on specific offers, hitting its peak around the Super Bowl with over 1.2 million impressions.

Key Recommendations: GEO targeting precision, audience retargeting, effective ad format combinations, and localizing content are among the top strategies to hit the mark.

Case 2: Multi-eCommerce Platform: Conquering the Indian Market

Background: An extensive campaign was designed for a multi-faceted eCommerce platform catering to Android users in India. The objective was clear: achieve a minimum of 500 installs/day.


  • March was a standout month, clocking in 13,740 installs and an impressive 1.12% CTR from a massive 17,815,151 impressions.
  • The secret sauce? Continuous testing, optimization, and the strategic use of Popunder and Push Notifications.

Key Recommendations: Regular creative refreshes, strategic bidding, and leveraging interstitial ads can make all the difference.

Case 3: PropellerAds & Shopee: A Match Made for Success

Background: In the fast-paced world of mobile commerce, Shopee, a leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, collaborated with PropellerAds to boost its mobile app user acquisition.


  • Kickstarted with a humble 229 conversions on day one, only to skyrocket to an average of 1,500 daily conversions in a matter of weeks.
  • Diversification was the key, from testing various traffic formats to experimenting with different pre-landers and creative designs.

Key Recommendations: Never underestimate the power of testing and reiteration in the advertising realm.

Case 4: Amplifying Jax VPN: A Push in the Right Direction

Background: Jax VPN, while having initial success, began to notice a slump in user engagement and acquisition scaling. The solution? Embrace Push Notifications.


  • Adding Push Badges alone saw a 2.5 times surge in conversion rates.
  • Focused targeting reaped a 10.7% conversion rate, with retargeting strategies pushing it further to an average of 13.3%.
  • A jaw-dropping 20 times increase in conversions in just two months, marking a significant win for Jax VPN.

Key Recommendations: Diversify pricing models, make the most of targeting options, and never stop testing.

These success stories aren't just about numbers; they're a testament to the power of strategic advertising. When done right, advertising can catapult an app from obscurity to the limelight.

Hint, Hint: Did you notice something common in these success stories? Maybe a particular advertising platform that seems to understand all types of apps? 😉

How PropellerAds Helps Promoting Apps: Ready Tips and Strategies

As a multisource network with enormous volumes of high-quality traffic, PropellerAds can help attract many new app users. The strategy we are suggesting here is based on our converting ad formats, high-tech tools, and bidding models — all conveniently located on our self-service platform.

Part 1. Preparing Your App

Before you even think of advertising, it's essential to ensure your app is ready to shine. The following insights are drawn from the expertise of Ilya Pasyuk, Senior Developer at the app development startup AppLabz. So, these are not just random points; they are actionable tips grounded in real-world experience.

  1. Know Your Audience: who they are, and what are their preferences?
  2. Optimize App Store Presence: perfect your app's title, craft a compelling description, and use high-quality visuals and screenshots. Like here:optimize-app-store-presence
  3. Engage With Reviews: actively respond to feedback and remedy reported issues swiftly.
  4. Localize it: tailor content for various regions and languages.
  5. Test Regularly: ensure the app works without hitches.

Having your app well-prepared is the foundation for success in the crowded app marketplace. Nail these basics, and you're already setting yourself apart.

Part 2. User Acquisition

Building on the strong foundation of a well-prepared app, the next challenge lies in attracting users. This is where user acquisition comes into play, and it’s pivotal to have a robust strategy for this. Here's a guide on devising a fail-proof user acquisition strategy:

  1. Use a Pre-Lander — a page that a user sees before the main landing offer page. Why?

    · Directing users straight to the app store isn't efficient. A sudden app offer might not entice them.
    · This warms up the audience and convinces users of the app's benefits.
    · Automatic downloads are against PropellerAds policies, so it’s a must for APKs.

  2. Choose your ad formats & test them:

    · Start with Popunder and In-Page Push.
    · Expand to Classic Push and Interstitial.
    · Test using the CPA Goal model. In a nutshell, CPA Goal is a tool that uses machine learning to predict and prioritize traffic segments likely to achieve quality conversions at your target price. While it operates on a CPM or CPC basis, you're billed for impressions (or clicks for Push) as the system zeroes in on the best-converting traffic.
    · After gaining insights, consider shifting to CPC and CPM based on performance.

  3. Pick the right GEOs for Mobile App Acquisition:

    · Highly successful GEOs: US, ID, NG, BR.
    · Also consider IL, ZA, SA, MX, MY, CA, CI, JP, PK, IT.
    · Before settling on a GEO, always review traffic flows to ensure effectiveness.

  4. Target your audience:

    · Narrow targeting during testing.
    · Specify criteria like OS version, browser type, user activity group, and lists.

  5. Make Bright Creatives for User Acquisition:

    · Use straightforward, clear creatives.
    · Clarity and simplicity in both visuals and text are paramount.
    · Consider creatives that highlight benefits like "free app," "enhance online safety," or "access blocked content."make-bright-creation-for-app-users

And, as a bonus — use this quick sheet for your strategy:

why-advertising-mattersArmed with these insights, you're now primed to kickstart a successful user acquisition campaign. Dive in, and remember: PropellerAds is ready to provide top-tier traffic for you!

In Summary…

So, what are the key takeaways for your app promotion? Let’s sum it up:

  • Always use a pre-lander, regardless of the app type (APK or store).
  • Best formats: Popunder, In-Page Push, Classic Push, and Interstitial.
  • Prioritize top GEOs.
  • Keep visuals simple and lucid.

By following these steps and using the right strategies, available at PropellerAds, you're setting your app up for some serious attention in the vast app market. Cheers to standing out and shining bright! 🌟

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Stepping Up Your App Game: Why Advertising Matters

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