Why push-notifications could bring your users back

Push-notification is the most efficient way to bring user back and engage with them. Here are the reasons.

Building a business is about building relationships, and to improve a business, relationships with customers must not only be maintained but continuously be improved upon. For app development companies who offer a mobile subscription service, this can be a bit tricky. Sometimes things do not go well, and companies can lose subscribers for a variety of reasons. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to inform the app company when it is about to lose a subscriber?

Push Notifications——Prevent Users from Churning

Sometimes companies lose clients, it happens but there is now a way for companies to quickly get and send notifications before this occurs. For example, a dissatisfied client is about to end their monthly mobile app subscription, but the app developer gets an alert! Now there is an opportunity to save a potential revenue source. The customer could be offered a discount or a special deal in order to stay, but this only works if there is a notification.

This feature is called a push notification and it is a revolutionary way to boost your app's performance. The feature reports data back to the developer about the user’s behavior and the business can use this information to send special notifications directly to the app user's phone about deals, updates, or anything else they might want to know. This is how a business can use subscription analytics to strengthen the relationship between them and their user base.

The uses for this are limited only by one’s imagination. This can be used to expand the total subscription revenue over a specific period due to increased user retention. As well as offering incentives for users on different devices such as Android/iOS and then measuring the response rate. This information in turn could be used for a company’s marketing tools and platform infrastructure. This feature works with live users in real-time, creating many different opportunities.

Another way to use push notifications is to use them to create specific purchase opportunities. For example, a business could send a notification to their users that there is a sale on a specific product from their store. This will not only increase the conversion rate but also, the company would as mention before be able to compare the results between countries, age groups, devices, and others using mobile app analytics.

Push Notifications Services for Subscription Apps

So how does a company use push notifications to improve its business model? Generally, it is best for an app development company to use an external app analytics company to help integrate this tool into their dashboard. The benefit of using an external provider is that it allows the company to not have to expend extra resources which could be burdensome. But then the question is: Which app analytics company is best?

One of the best companies for working with push notifications is Appflow. Appflow is a subscription app analytics company that largely works with iOS and Android analytics. They work with companies to integrate new technologies into the company’s existing infrastructure while expanding their financial model. They have experience working with many different apps and analytics tools that explain different user behaviors.

In a Word

Push notifications are a great innovation in terms of helping companies build digital relationships with their users. Businesses can now micro-target specific demographics in real-time with targeted notifications that will encourage customer retention as well as satisfaction.

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Why push-notifications could bring your users back

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