Remote Configuration

Modify and experiment your mobile app without updating. Test your push-notifications and paywall with visual constructor.

What is Remote Configuration?

Remote configuration (also known as "Remote config") is a mobile app development technique that lets you change the behavior and appearance of your app remotely without publishing an app update.

Benefits of Remote Configuration


No need to wait for developers or update anymore


Revamp your app’s paywall or splash screen anytime

User Targeting

Personalize in-app messages and push-notification campaigns


Create and schedule push-notifications for your users based on a trigger event

Timely communication is the key to user retention. Give your users the information about special deals, incentives, sales or explain new updates whenever you want - without having task a team to develop the feature for you.

Set your trigger events and ensure that you’re taking every possible step to engage with your users and to encourage them to stay, by sending push-notifications offering them incentives, sales or updates.

Visual Constructor

Get creative with your paywall or splash screen - without developers

Our Visual Constructor allows you to push the new design from desktop paywalls and splash screens to the app without any mobile developers involvement. Save a draft for future campaign when your inspiration hits or publish campaign right away to catch up with the trend.

We are here to support your visual ideas that will surely be eye-catching and subscription-retaining:

  • Get imaginative with text and title fonts, colors, alignments
  • Adjust and spruce up the background
  • Play around with the buttons
Remote Configuration is available in Appflow plan "Premium" and above.
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