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Ever eaten soup with a fork? Yeah, same.
We love being practical and useful. So, our team at Appflow created a feature that offers automatic in-app suggestions, giving you advice on what to do with your data.
Take a look at these scenarios:
You’ve got a fitness app

It offers a few subscription plans. You’re targeting women between the ages of 24 and 40. Our AI picks up that Subscription A is performing much better than Subscription B in a particular country. Let’s say, Germany.

Besides the heaps of readily available data, you’ll receive ready-to-use suggestions. In this case, the suggestion may be to create more ads targeting your audience in Germany instead of the region in which you're currently promoting.

Your Money Wallet is da bomb.

It’s growing, and you’re learning along the way. However, at one point, we notice that Android users are not very active.

Appflow may send out a suggestion to check for bugs or improve terms.

You can find these tips on almost every page. Or you can hop over to the All Tips page and view them together.

Mobile app suggestions

You worked hard to develop your app, so it is important that you and your users get the most out of it. With our mobile app suggestions, you will receive Android app suggestions as well as iOS app recommendations that will send you notifications when there is an opportunity to improve your app’s performance for mobile phones and other devices with these operating systems.

Subscription suggestions

There is a tremendous amount of information that can be gathered from subscription data, but what to do with it? Appflow uses app analytics to give you insights into your users’ behavior, but we don’t stop there. With these insights, we include in-app suggestions on how you can use this data to encourage retention and gain new clients for your platform.

For us, it would be a very sad ending if all we did was analyse data for days.

That’s why we created this feature. And to top it all off, we are using Machine Learning to make sure that our algorithms are constantly improving.

At Appflow, we’re serious about helping you grow your revenue.

Your progress is our progress.

Suggestions are available in Appflow plan "Premium" and above.
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