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For app developers, it is important to get any advantage you can. If there is any way to improve the conversion rate for monthly subscribers, then it is imperative that a business integrate it into their platform’s infrastructure. One way for a business to improve is to get expert help and consultation in terms of development and customer retention. If your app relies on mobile subscriptions as a source of monthly revenue, then one of the best partners a company can have is the best new subscription analytics service app,

AI-powered Suggestions offers many different features to its clients. One of those is their consultation service which looks at your data and offers suggestions on how your app can improve. They have the experience and understanding to explain how your app’s performance is affecting your subscription revenue.’s Suggestions, center around how your users interact with your app. Since LTV is increased through the consistent long-term use of your app by users, understanding them, their data and their activity is critical for your business.

Real-time In-app Subscription Dashboard

Another feature that brings to the table is its dashboard info. This is a quick summary with insights into your app. These summaries give your company a major asset. Having quick and accurate short reports given to you allows your devs to work quickly to make tweaks and changes to your app to stay up to date and adapt to the ever-changing market. not only offers tools and analytics but also expedient and quality customer service.
In addition to providing analytics support, lets you see your conversion rate based on a variety of metrics. These reports tell you the conversion percentage from installs, trial subscriptions, as well as from refunds and renewals. For a mobile app subscription business model, any data you can get helps to forecast what the future will look like. Conversion metrics in particular give companies the opportunity to see what improves retention while reducing costs.

At its core, is an analytics company that works with Android analytics and iOS analytics. Analytics allows your business to visualize what is going on with your application. With mobile app analytics from, you will be able to see and understand what is happening. Their analytics tools help your company grow through the understanding of subscriber behavior because while anecdotal evidence such as user reviews can be biased, the numbers never lie.

Advanced Subscription Analytics

Not all users are the same, and they all have their own habits of use.’s cohort analysis breaks your users into specific groups and compares their data. You can see how iOS users interact with the app relative to Android users, you can also see how people in different countries use the app differently. This includes their purchases, renewals, and other information. This is useful not only when working on your app, but also when marketing it since it gives you insight into your target audience.


The world of app development can move rather quickly and while a company might be in a good position now, it might not last. This is why it is important to take advantage of every opportunity, and is offering innovative opportunities to not only keep your company from falling behind but help it to take the next step.

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