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How to Make a Successful App Launch in Apple Store?

After spending a lot of time watching your dream app getting developed, you must be excited about its launch. But do you know how to submit an app to the apple store?

Submitting an app to the App Store isn't as simple as pressing a button, it's also not as difficult as it may appear.

This article will take you on a journey where you will learn all the steps and procedures required for effectively submitting your app to the app store. So, without further ado, let's get started.

It is surprisingly simple to publish an iOS app. Here's what you'll need:

  • An Apple Developer Program membership
  • App Store Connect access is included with your Developer Account
  • Xcode, allowing you to publish your app binary to the App Store.

Steps Overview

  1. Generate an Apple ID
  2. Enroll in the Apple Developer Program
  3. Log in/Sign up to the App Store Connect.
  4. Prepare Your App for Submission
  5. Create an App Store Listing with App Store Connect.
  6. Upload App Store Screenshots and Previews of your App
  7. Uploading the app using Xcode
  8. Submit the App for Final Approval

Generate an Apple ID

To submit an app to the app store, you must first create an Apple ID at (log in via "Account"). It will grant you access to all of Apple's services.

Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

Once your Apple ID is created, the next step for submitting an app to the app store is to sign up for the Apple Development Program. You can do the same through your Apple ID. The membership costs $99/year, but it includes the following benefits:

  • Beta Software Access will be granted
  • Tools and resources required to create and distribute the app are available.
  • A comprehensive range of services for supplying advanced features
  • App testing software
  • Analytics tool
  • Professional Technical support

If you want to develop apps for the App Store, you should join!
Keep in mind that if you do not renew your membership next year, your apps will be withdrawn from the App Store.

Log in/Sign up to the App Store Connect.

App Store Connect is a website that allows you to control practically everything about your app in the App Store. All you have to do now is log in with your Apple ID and proceed.

Prepare Your App for Submission

Finish your app, ensure it is bug-free, and adhere to the App Store Review Guidelines before submitting the app to the app store. Now the submission will enter the app certification process. This will entail an allocated individual reviewing your app in accordance with the App Store Review Guidelines. You can seek guidance ahead of time to ensure that you are on the proper track.

Check your app for errors ahead of time. If a mistake is discovered during the review process, the app may very well be rejected. So, conduct a variety of tests like testing with a low network, low storage, compatibility with outdated devices, and so on. When testing, don't only perform it under usual settings.

Your mentality should be that of a hacker. Make an active effort to break it! You can seek the assistance of a competent mobile app developer and tester for this purpose.

Create an App Store Listing with App Store Connect

The next step in submitting an app to the app store is to establish an App Store listing.

At this step, you must enter all of your app's details. The name, description, category (to be listed in the App Store), audience minimum age, privacy policy, and support URL.

  • Log in with your Apple ID to App Store Connect.
  • Choose My Apps from the dashboard.
  • Click the "+" symbol in the top left corner and then choose New App from the list of options.
  • Choose a platform for your app and fill out the necessary information in the relevant areas. When all the fields have been satisfactorily filled in, click Create.
  • Select App Information from the sidebar and enter the appropriate information for both the Localizable Information and the General Information sections.
  • Define Content Rights for your app by marking the appropriate circle and clicking Done.
  • Select Age Rating by checking the appropriate circle and pressing Next.
  • After successfully saving content rights, pick Cost and Availability from the sidebar and set the pricing as well as other needed data for your app. When finished, click the Save button in the upper right corner.
  • The next section is App Privacy, where you must provide the URL of your privacy policy.
  • From the sidebar, choose 1.0 Prepare for Submission. Scroll down to the Version Release section and choose how your app will be launched when it has been certified.

Upload App Store Screenshots and Previews of your App

The following step in submitting an app to the app store is to provide screenshots and previews. The App Store allows you to post screenshots and samples of your app for visual mobile app promotion. Screenshots (pictures) and previews (short videos) demonstrate the app's capabilities.

Users are asked to follow the guidelines for both screenshots and previews. The App Store allows screenshots and previews for four distinct screen sizes. For each display, users may add up to ten screenshots and three app previews.

Uploading the app using Xcode

Once the screenshots and previews have been successfully uploaded, it is time to submit the app to the app store.

  • Log in to Xcode using your developer account.
  • This option can be found in Xcode's Preferences menu.
  • Select Signing & Capabilities from the available choices for code signing and tick the Automatically manage signing checkbox.
  • Select Any iOS Device from the list of simulators to publish your app.
  • To bundle your app, go to Product, then Archive. This process will take some time depending on the size of your app. After that, choose the archive and click the Distribute App icon in the upper right corner.
  • Users can control all the archives that have been created.
  • Click Next after selecting the method for releasing your app.
  • Choose the destination method for your app from the list of options and then click Next.
  • Your app will now be checked for bugs. If no errors are identified, the uploading procedure will commence.
  • The uploading time is determined by the size of the archive and the network's strength.
  • Please keep in mind that the app archived to Xcode will need some time to be processed by App Store Connect.

Submit App for Final Approval

This is the final step in submitting an app to the App Store, where your app will be published. It is now time to add the Xcode build that you exported. Although the ZIP was provided via Xcode, App Store Connect needs some time to parse it.

When the Save button is pressed, the app is submitted for final approval, which might take many hours to days. You will receive an email confirmation after the app has been authorized.

Your app will be added to Apple's certification and review team's waiting list. Your app should now be marked with a yellow badge.

All you have to do now is wait. The evaluation procedure will take around 3 or 4 days. You will receive an email after your application has been accepted.

Finally, your app is complete and available for download from the App Store. The App Store Connect allows you to track total downloads, sales, ratings, and much more. Now you have successfully submitted an app to the app store. Hope this article proved to be helpful!

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