Effective In App Marketing Guide to Growing Your Business

This article talks about a list of app marketing strategies and when to do it to grow app business.

“In App Marketing is any marketing campaign or in app message that is specifically designed to be displayed to the customers while they are using the application enabling businesses to use personalized and real-time messages to engage, retain and upsell audience to new products.” 

Ample mobile applications are developed every day but does it mean every app is getting the same attention? 

Probably not! 

And in the world of similar applications, how to make the applications stand out? 

Well, here are the answers to all your queries. Let us get acquainted with everything you need to know about in-app marketing.

What is In-App Marketing? 

In-app marketing refers to the communication practice with the users inside the application using a timely app and contextual messages. 

These generally guide the app users on how to use the application after the acquisition stage.

In-app messages are used in both mobile app marketing and SaaS, permitting the marketers to send personalized messages timely to help users use the application.

Importance of using an in-app marketing strategy

In app marketing is often considered a force multiplier. It complements the prevailing marketing elements of the product and targets the same objectives. 

However, at times when push notifications and even email marketing struggle to locate the correct time, in app messages take the benefit of those opportune moments. 

"In-app messaging" is basically a marketing tool that is highly used for better user engagement with the products. 

Let us get acquainted with everything you need to know about the in app messages and marketing. 

Types of in app marketing 

In-app messages are generally received by an app user while using the application. That means the user who is active on the application will receive the app messages.

These are some common in-app marketing examples.

1. Push Notifications 

Notifications are generally shown on the screen while using the application. These are done to attract the attention of the user who is using the application. 

This way of driving attention towards the notification will make the user curious to know the information or the offer popped, increasing the notification's click rate. 

2. Pop Ups 

While using the application, you must have seen a screen popping up where the offer is displayed. Or this may include the form to get the notifications from the application on your email.

It is all due to the in app marketing that displays the discount offers or CTA to registration forms.

3. Banner notifications 

Banner notifications generally appear somewhere on the screen when the application is running. It also provides a full-page display that is to convey the message. 

Benefits of choosing in app marketing 

The importance of "in-app marketing" itself says a lot about the benefits it can provide. However, the advantages don't stop here. 

Here are some other benefits that accurate in-app marketing offers.

1. It enhances the users in the app experience. 

A product-based approach in-app marketing can provide an ultimate different practice that augments the user experience. This is done by: 

     · Eradicating friction

     · Introducing new features and explaining them through video tutorials

     · Showcasing how users can get more value from the product

     · Providing faster access to knowledge resources within the app

     · Collecting insights from user feedback and acting on feedback in real-time

     · Collecting the feedback facilitates making more data-driven and informed decisions.

     · In-app marketing data can be used as a way to identify and correct the issues faced by the users. You can understand what exactly the issue is with which the user struggles, and how to rectify the errors. The feedback gathered from the users can be used to act and enhance the user experience. 

2. It provides a drastic shift in the contextual communication 

Implementing in app marketing provides the power to control when to trigger the message and who will be the target audience for the same. 

That is, it gives a personalized experience crafted around a particular app user.

When to use in app marketing? 

The benefits of using in-app marketing are huge, but it is also imperative to understand when to use it to get the highest return on investment. 

Some of the essential points of concern on when to use the app marketing include:

1. Onboarding 

The in-app messages are popped to welcome first-time users and thank them for using the application. 

2. Highlighting updates or features

In-app messages can be used to demonstrate how exactly a particular feature works and how the users can get more out of the application. 

You can provide updates or new features introduced to the users through in app messages. 

3. Promotions or deals

 You can also display the trending deals or promotions to the users in order to generate quick sales. 

4. Any opportunity that may add value  

Any additional information you’d like to display or something with the right content displayed at the right time.

What are the recommended in-App marketing strategies? 

1. Push notifications

A push notification refers to the message which pops up on the devices. And fortunately, app publishers can show it at any point in time. Or, with Appflow.ai, you can easily create and schedule push-notifications for your users based on a trigger event.

With the help of push notifications, one can easily share the updates, event posts, and other information with the user even if they are not actively using the application.

Even the study reveals that 90 percent of the push notifications are opened. Through this, you can notify your users about the new events, posts, updates, and many more, even if the user is not active on the application.

2. Focus on ASO 

App store optimization is an imperative strategy if you want your application to appear at the top search results on the app store. 

Pay attention to making your application rank higher on the search results for its primary keywords. 

3. Add App graphics on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are popular for sharing engaging visual content. And indeed, the various social media platforms help you engage the audience and are excellent ways to promote the application through exciting graphics that catch the user's attention.

4. Pitch the app store editors 

You can also try pitching the app stores editors and requesting them to feature the application under the "TODAY" section.

And with this, do not forget to pitch the app and its features carefully by outlining everything. 

5. Use referral system

The referral system is one of the most common and working promotional tactics often used to market the application. 

Well, with these referral systems, you can encourage existing users to refer to the application and offer a reward for each referral.

6. Offer promotional pricing

When it is about marketing the products, the previous records have stated the guaranteed purchases when they are awarded the promotional offers. It can help you attract a more loyal user base.

7. Find a partner for cross-promotions 

Cross promotions are an excellent tactic to attract a new user base by capitalizing on the partner's audience.

And the exchange strategy of the same helps your partner advertise their brand services within your app. 

8. Using QR Codes 

"QR refers to the Quick Response!" 

It’s a powerful marketing tool that simplifies the audience’s complexity and enhances the application downloads simultaneously. It has completely changed the way marketers reach and engage with the target audiences. 

Wondering how it can engage the target audience and users? Well, here is how you can use it! Businesses have their own QR codes and if you have a QR code for your mobile app then, 

  • You can use the QR codes on your business cards.
  • You can use the QR codes in your email signatures.
  • You can easily share the QR codes on social media platforms.
  • You can choose to use QR codes in the print ads.
  • You can also choose to use it on banners, and posters.
  • You can also use it in local stores and businesses.
  • You can use it on websites or web pages.

And to function this strategy appropriately, all you need is a smartphone equipped with a scanner application feature, a QR code reader, and a camera. 

Think outside the box and embed these QR’s rather than just keeping it as a payment gateway mode. 

9. Develop an accompanying application video 

Adding video features is one of the most trending features in the marketing world. You can quickly develop an app video related to anything about the application. This makes the application effective on other platforms.

10. Blogs 

You might think about how blogs can be an effective application marketing tool. But the reality is far more different. Writing a blog with all the relevant information within is one of the strongest strategies to increase downloads and audience engagement. 

Write for the topics that are closely connected to the mobile application and engage the audience your way.

Using in-app marketing tools!

Above all the marketing strategies and tools, the best that works for the particular mobile app is still challenging to figure out. 

Choosing the right strategy and appropriate tools can provide a higher download rate with greater user engagement and stronger user interaction. 

The proficient subscription data platform of Appflow.ai can help you consolidate your application data in one place only while facilitating analysis of the user’s behavior with cohort analysis, and remote configuration to respond to users’ requirements in real-time. 

Since these professionals are already familiar with all the tactics to keep the apps among the top ones, you individually do not have to worry about anything.

Bottom Line!

The best way to keep your application at the top of the page is to be consistent. 

Only being consistent with the marketing of the application is the only way to guarantee you achieve long-term success. 

Since there are no shortcuts to success, being consistent with the efforts will bring rewards that are entirely worth it.

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Effective In App Marketing Guide to Growing Your Business

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