Mobile App Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

All you should know about mobile app marketing: definition, how does it work, stages, strategies and more.

"Standing out among the millions of applications is challenging, but an appropriate mobile app marketing strategy can provide a crucial edge to the applications."

We often see ample mobile applications on the play store, out of which several have gained popularity while others are still in the hunt for getting the desired popularity. A famous mobile application doesn't only include a high-end user experience but also follows an efficient app marketing strategy that makes it familiar to the audience. However, understanding these marketing strategies and going through comprehensive analysis to make the mobile application rock the app world is essential. 

Let us dive into the comprehensive guide to appropriate mobile app marketing.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App Marketing refers to the marketing campaign creations that effectively interact with the audience at every stage. Mobile marketing communicates throughout, from the initial downloading of the app until when they become a potential customer that makes in-app purchases.

The Importance of market research 

Before directly diving into the mobile app marketing strategy and other essentials, it is vital to understand the crucial role of marketing research in the entire scenario. Competition is at its peak, and analyzing the market, including what trends are popular and others, is essential. The appropriate market research will help better understand the strategies mentioned in this guide. Conduct complete market research, including

  • Who is the target audience for the application?
  • What trends are they interested in?
  • How are the competitors targeting the audience with a similar app?
  • How can you make your app different to attract users?
  • And many more. 

Make sure to conduct comprehensive market research before planning your app marketing strategy. 

How does Mobile App Marketing work?

Mobile app marketing solely encompasses several marketing strategies explicitly designed with mobile users in mind. 

These strategies are considered an integral part of encouraging the audience. With mobile app marketing, the application teams encourage the audience by including a mobile app marketing strategy. 

Implementing these marketing strategies enables the team to gather the information to make more informed decisions. These gathered information and data becomes a greater contribution to the marketing campaigns that the marketers keep their eyes on analyzing different metrics that are further used to shape the campaigns. 

This data is further integrated with the marketing management platforms to automate the campaigns to obtain the best outcomes for app users. 

For instance, personalization appeals to the users differently, matching individuals' habits and tastes. 

The personalization and automation better engage the audience and saves the marketers time, which they can utilize in the testing. 

Conducting app A/B testing is also an excellent way to gather relevant audience data and employ improvements within the application. This often helps in analyzing the application and producing better outcomes.

Stages of Mobile App Marketing

Marketing a mobile app is all about engaging and interacting with the audience at every stage of the life cycle. The initial mobile app marketing stages include: 

user funnel

1. Awareness

Awareness is the initial stage of mobile app marketing. It is like aware the audience about the product before starting with the acquisition.

At this stage, the mobile app service providers provide information about the application that there is some sort of mobile app, which can address their concerns and how it can benefit them. 

2. Acquisition 

The acquisition means interacting with users and getting the app downloaded and installed on the device. 

This is the initial part of building an app that makes people get to use it. With the perspective of engaging users, you need to convince the users that this application offered can solve the problem. 

This can be done using sending messages on several common channels. This may include social channels and search advertising. The options can also include providing several real-world incentives like offering a giveaway or some sort of reward in exchange for app installation.

3. Activation

Activation refers to the users' first actions that include adding email addresses or making some initial purchase.The activation can be done through various mobile app channels like push notifications, in-app messages, etc.

4. Retention 

Retention refers to keeping the user as a regular user of the application. 

The retention ways may include discount coupons, featuring messages, enhanced personalization, unique content, and many more. 

These three stages go back and forth in the entire mobile app marketing, creating a mobile engagement loop. 

Now that essential information is focused, it is the right time to shift our focus toward effective mobile app marketing strategies that can do the wonders in keeping your mobile app on the top.


Mobile App Marketing Strategy

1. Show excellent screenshots of the app interface

It is essential to keep the audience connected with the applications; people are definitely using mobile apps like never before. An excellent way to attract an audience is by showcasing the application's features. 

So, take an excellent screenshot of the app interface!

2. Perform the App Store Optimization 

Mobile app marketing these days is more about getting the target audience. The competition is indeed challenging. But the search can be the most common initial point to get started with the marketing. Making your app rank higher for all the primary key phrases and keywords is crucial.

To do so, you can perform the app store optimization that enables the application to attract the audience and get the most downloads. But here, the contribution of the market research is helpful as you must know your targeted audience and what primary keywords they are searching for.

3. Using guest post blogging 

Guest post blogging is one of the most effective ways of marketing strategies. You must have read about several posts where the post promotes the services offered by other platforms. 

Yes, that is what we are talking about. But the point is you gotta get serious about it as it can help you a lot. This will give a lot of recognition and keep your valuable content posted on other parties' platforms.

4. Launch big 

During the launch, think big. Instead of just keeping it a normal mobile app launch, make your app trending before launch that keeps the users excited about the application.

5. Maintain the hype 

And if you think that you have completed your part after launching the app, then probably this is not it. You gotta maintain the same! Once you have launched the app to several platforms, maintain the same level of keeping the users engaged with entertaining stuff.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms are the most used places where the user is often engaged in some sort of fascinating stuff. And ultimately, it is one of the excellent platforms where you can perform the marketing of your application. 

Social media trends themselves give ample ideas like choosing to show the ad in between the stuff, some sponsored content, or choosing to offer the product giveaways to the audience.

7. Influencer marketing 

If you are also a frequent user of social media, then probably you must have heard about it. 

Shoppers offer a talk about the authenticity of the products, and when they see their influencers using the same, they somehow get convinced the same. 

One can offer paid and other partnerships to the social media influencers to promote the product.

8. Paid campaigns 

Where the organic reach doesn't give the desired outcomes, paid user acquisition is the most often used strategy. 

People often choose to go for paid marketing strategies to get the new users engaged. 

Choose to have some paid campaigns like PPC, sponsored ads in between the visual content, and many more.


 With these marketing strategies, REMEMBER

“Set goals but do not overpromise!”


Final Thoughts - Get professional help!

Marketing a mobile app doesn't always have to be expensive. A smart move to get it all done can be one of the most effective ways to handle it all.

After you have completed your mobile app design and developed the same successfully, the best way to tackle the marketing challenges is to continue optimizing and fine-tuning your strategy. 

A mobile subscription analytic platform like can help your app get the right data and respond to your users' needs timely. Also, you can utilize A/B Testing and push notifications to keep testing your marketing hypotheses until you get it right.

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Mobile App Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

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