How to Promote Your Mobile Apps Downloads?

Here are eight mobile marketing strategies to increase app downloads.

Google Play Store boasts about 3.55 million apps, while Apple Store is a close second with 1.6 million apps. There is an app for every need: entertainment, gaming, online transactions, fitness, etc. You name it, and you have it. There is a reason so many businesses have turned to mobile apps, and these numbers are increasing daily. From small companies to large enterprises, apps form an integral part of the marketing strategy.

However, it is not enough to create an app. Your app needs to stand out so you can rise above your competition. You need to market your mobile app well to reach your potential customers. If you wish to launch your app successfully to increase the ranking of a pre-existing app, you need mobile app marketing.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App marketing is the strategic process of engaging with the target audience and increasing mobile app downloads. It is a branding tactic to scale your business by recognizing, engaging, and retaining a client.

This article lists some strategies for app promotion to help rank your app at the top and attract customers. But before that, let us discuss why mobile app marketing is important.

Why do we need Mobile App Marketing?

A mobile app is an asset for your company that boosts your business and brand image. Mobile apps improve user experience and act as fantastic marketing and communication tools. For the optimal performance of an app, it is essential that it reaches the users.

This is the role of Mobile App Marketing. It ensures that your app is available to the audience and you can use it to scale your business. Without Mobile App Marketing, you cannot use the full potential of your app.

How to Promote Mobile Apps Downloads?

1. Social Media Advertising

Social media presence is imperative for a successful business. There are 4.55 billion social media users across various platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, etc. Thus, it is the quickest way to tap into a broad customer base and attract traffic. It builds the brand name and solidifies the brand’s presence. There are two ways to accomplish Social Media Advertising


The most straightforward way to utilize social media platforms is to create a social media page. The ideal scenario would be to create an official page for your Apps on all media, but you can stick to the platforms with your target audience. The success of social media ads depends on it. Post engaging content regularly without going overboard with promotional content. Build a meaningful space that reflects your business and provides your audience with a place to engage with you.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads increase your discoverability by targeting your potential customers. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a dedicated advertisement campaign feature. The algorithm studies the trends in a user’s search results and engagement activity to target the right demographics.

2. Search Ads

Paid ads are the backbone of digital advertisement. Both Android and iOS offer paid ads in the form of Google Ads Campaigns and Apple Search Ads. The conversion rate of the paid search ads of Apple Search Ads is around 50%. App store search ads promotion allows your app to rank higher and increase the chances of downloads.

Apple Search Ads provides two solutions for advertisement marketing- ASA Basic and ASA Advanced. The ASA best practices include

  • Review your metadata before you launch a campaign
  • Strategically employ your keyword game plan and effectively use negative keywords
  • Optimize your bid strategy with AI recommendations
  • Feature your USP by targeting the right keywords

But how does this strategy work, and how can it improve app downloads? Search ads are advertising campaigns that promote your business agendas (in this case, apps) in your targeted demographics for a small fee. For example, Apple Search Ads places the ads of the highest bidder of the keywords on the top of the search results page. This visibility will attract many customers and increase app downloads. Therefore, it is essential to bid on relevant keywords so that the app shows up for the right users.

3. App Store Optimization

If you want to improve app visibility in a competitive market, ASO (App Store Optimization) is your solution. It is the best way to increase your discoverability through organic growth. ASO practices and tips aim to rank your app in the top five search results. Some of the factors that determine app optimization are:

  • Use the right keyword strategy without going overboard with keyword stuffing.
  • Focus on improving app ratings and rankings. It boosts your app’s credibility.
  • Gather positive reviews for your app and maintain the description of the app as per the latest updates.
  • Work on aesthetics or the visuals of the app. Please give it a catchy name and logo.

4. Celebrity Branding

Celebrity endorsement or celebrity branding is a marketing strategy that involves promoting a brand using a celebrity’s fame. It is the easiest way to tap into your niche and attract potential customers.

Brands usually approach a famous person like an actor, sportsperson, etc., or they can collaborate with a social media influencer. A social media influencer is a credible person with a large fanbase who can affect people’s ability to make a decision. They have expertise in a particular niche and promote a brand by creating a positive image.
You can increase your mobile app visibility by promoting it through a celebrity endorsement.

5. Public Relations

Sometimes, going old school is the best way to fulfill your business goals. A good PR team will generate adequate buzz for your app so that people will want to have a look. Some of the ways PR can help your cause are:

  • Throw a launch party and invite local press and influencers from your niche. Launch parties generate good publicity. It will inadvertently help you since the people you invite will also promote your app on their social media. Two birds with one stone.
  • Apart from the critical functions like the press release, run small campaigns to maintain the buzz leading up to the launch. Collaborate with YouTubers for fun interviews, have a giveaway with an Instagram influencer, or participate in guest blogging to hype up your audiences.

6. Website

The first step for an app launch is a solid website for your app landing page. It adds to the credibility of your app and increases the chances of app downloads. People turn to the web when they need any information. Have an SEO-optimized landing page with all the information you want to communicate about your business. Feature your app prominently on the website for easy redirection to the Play Store or App Store.


An app is fundamental to a business’s growth and brand image, while app download is an important metric of app user acquisition. You can apply many tactics for app promotion, but it comes down to what works for you. Understanding your audience is crucial so you can create and employ the right strategic plan.

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How to Promote Your Mobile Apps Downloads?

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