Tips & Tools for App Store Optimization

Try to improve app ranking in app store? Find out tips and tools to help do it in this article.

“App Store Optimization refers to a process of enhancing the application’s visibility in app stores leading to getting more downloads by enhancing the app conversion rates.”

Developing an application is challenging that requires real hard work and a good amount of time, money, and effort investment. However, with so many hardships and dedicated effort investment, it is pretty demotivating to share that this is certainly not enough!

No matter how unique the application is, all the efforts can be counted as zero if people don’t know about it! And if you want your application to be successful then you must keep putting your efforts towards the requirements to augment its visibility and drive traffic to increase the downloads.

And that is where the App Store Optimization comes into the picture.

Read on to know everything about it and get the attention your application truly deserves.

Why is app store optimization essential for application growth?

As per the statistics, there were approximately 3.3 million applications alone in the Google Play Store during the first quarter of 2022. When such a large number of applications are present, attaining and especially holding the higher rankings is pretty challenging.

And in such a competitive world, getting application downloads and simultaneously developing an excellent user base are two essential key point indicators for marketers and application publishers.

And this enhancement in downloads can be done in two ways:

  1. Optimizing the application for organic traffic by implementing best app store optimization practices.
  2. Running some paid campaigns that include cost-per-install scenarios.

Since both ways are essential for your application to grow, ASO helps significantly in getting organic traffic to the app.

So the best practices need to be implemented to get better outcomes.

Here are some useful tips to implement the ASO appropriately!

App Store Optimization Tips!

1. Select the maximum number of keywords for the semantic core

For an effective ASO strategy, it is essential to select the maximum number of keywords for the semantic core. However, to appropriately do this you must

  • Analyze the search suggestions
  • Employ automated ASO tools
  • Apply knowledge from App search ads and Google ads.

2. Formulate the application’s metadata appropriately

Formulating the metadata appropriately is one of the essential steps in app store optimization. For this, you must

  • Not use the stop words
  • Verify the traffic for various word forms for the application store
  • Choose the keywords that can facilitate composing ample phrases
  • Do Not add the keywords with diacritics in case they attract little traffic only.

3. Work on visual optimization

Compelling visuals can provide an excellent edge in the application marketplace.

To work effectively on visual optimization, you must localize the screenshots and text on icons for varied countries. For this, you need to place the brand name on the icon itself to save the characters in the Title.

Think of selecting an application icon that is not only easy to identify but also memorable for the brand. And the essential thing is to ensure to employ different colors than competitors to eradicate any type of confusion.


  • Use a colorful template to make the screenshots look aesthetically appealing.
  • Do not skimp the screenshots as the majority of people check screenshots before making a decision. 

4. Utilize secondary app localization in the application store

Ensure not to duplicate the words in diversified locales.

5. Work on the application’s internal parameters

Increase the in-app purchases by reducing the application’s size and ensuring to update the application regularly.

6. Understand the conditions and your customers

Comprehensive competitor analysis and understanding your customers is one of the essential steps to implementing the right strategies.

So how well do you know your competitors and customers?

A well-managed ASO gives clarity on understanding who exactly is your customer base and a deep view of the competitors is your landscape that you can fill yourself and your way!

However, to begin with, ensure to have the answers to the following!

  • What is the language that prospects often use?
  • What is the application’s competitive advantage?
  • How would my prospects describe my application?
  • What are the top reasons that my prospects may download my application?
  • What keywords do the competitors target?
  • How can my application stand against these keywords or similar keywords?

And many more!

7. Using the relevant keywords

Researching for the relevant keywords to target the right audience is imperative. You need to research relevant keywords that potential customers are continuously searching for.

Employing matching keywords with respect to your prospect’s requirements facilitates the easy locating of the app on the app store.

So ensure that

  • Do not use unrelated keywords to the application as it will penalize the app ranking.
  • Do not utilize the keywords that involve the competitor’s brand names or the word “app”
  • Only use one keyword for either singular or plural.

8. Optimize the Description and Title

Meta titles are the essential metadata that can help you get more downloads.

So to get more downloads you need to focus on creating a title, which is under 25 characters only so your whole title gets visible on the application browsing screen.

Employing a company’s name with the topmost relevant keyword will make the application easy to search for.

9. Add Video

Adding a video within the application page enhances the application downloads by 35%.

Adding a video showcasing the application’s valuable features can be helpful in addressing the user’s concerns. Since people prefer to search for an application and download the same within a few minutes only, ensure to upload a video answering it all!

10. Research the competition

Understand who exactly are your competitors!

Since it is an essential business strategy, it is considered an essential aspect of ASO also.

So before adding the application to the play store, you need to nail down the best fit category for the application.

Considerations to choose the best fit category

  • How popular does the particular category rank?
  • The total number of competitors
  • The total number of applications under the same category is consistently updated.

11. Building backlinks

In order to build relevant backlinks, one always needs to be actively associated with the websites that are connected with the application and have the domain authority as per the present algorithm standards of Google.

Top Tools for App Store Optimization!

The list of most popular tools for ASO includes:

1. Apptweak

2. Sensor Tower

3. App Radar

4. PreApps

5. ASOdesk

6. Moburst

7. Keyword Tool

8. AppTopia

9. RankMyApp

10. AppCodes

11. Apptentive

12. PrioriData

13. Appbot

14. SplitMetrics

Final Takeaway!

The way to successful ASO for your application won’t happen overnight!

It takes dedication and implementation of all the appropriate strategies every day to keep the apps updated in order to rank higher.

With every step counts the little progress you make every day!

Once you have the application ready and the traction the application is getting, you can move to promote the application with the help of paid advertisements to take advantage of ASO.

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Tips & Tools for App Store Optimization

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