App Store Optimization: A Guide to APP Marketers

Let's see how we can improve application's visibility by doing app store optimizations.

Mobile applications play an integral part in our day-to-day life. The rapid growth shown by this field in the past few years has cemented its position on a pedestal. Millions of apps are downloaded every day but it is astounding to know that only a few apps with high visibility on the app store get repeatedly downloaded on different devices. 

The applications with higher visibility, align with the requirements specified by the algorithm that governs the app store. To understand the app store optimization best practices that ought to be followed to gain greater visibility, we have to dwell deeper into the concept of “App Store Optimization”.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is an effective process of improving the application’s visibility by carefully following guidelines and policies set by the app store. Important and timely data-driven decisions are taken by observing its performance. App Store Optimization is determined by some important parameters like App name, App Subtitle, App URL, Keywords, Number of Installations, Reviews and Ratings, App Updates and In-app Purchases. 

App Store Optimization is the application counterpart of SEO which is the optimization process used in search engines. The two processes have an inherent difference between them. SEO’s main purpose is to maximize the number of users visiting or viewing the webpage, App Store Optimization on the other hand requires the user to download the application and reduce the user acquisition cost. 

There are different sets of ASO for different app stores. App store optimization (all small letters) is used as the reference for google play store, Huawei's Appstore and Samsung's AppStore, etc, whereas App Store 0ptimizations (with capital A, S and numeral 0) pertains only to apple’s app store. 

Why is App Store Optimization important?

App Store Optimization is the X factor that provides proper access to the application in front of a target audience. Multiple claims convey that optimizing applications is one of the most foolproof and infallible methods of marketing with successful instances backing up the claims. The optimization methods are as follows:

  • App Store Optimization improves the app’s visibility to the audience. The user must first know that your application exists, to download and use them. Without knowing, how brilliant your app might function, there would be no users to use it. So App Store Optimization plays an important role in the reach of your mobile application. 
  • App Store Optimization not only improves visibility but also ensures to target the right set of users. App Store Optimization can achieve the same by mapping keywords searched apposite to your application.
  • App Store Optimization increases the number of organic app installations. Apps installed without the influence of external advertisements, pop-ups, etc and installed solely based on app store ranking are called organic app installations. This can be improved by properly following the guidelines and policies of the app store. Having attractive screenshots of the app’s UI in the preview space also serves as a good source of attraction.
  • App Store Optimization plays a crucial role in determining revenue and conversion rates. The most popularly used techniques incorporate in-app purchases and advertisements. The in-app advertisements have further evolved into interactive ads and reward ads that help generate greater revenue. We must proceed with caution as excessive amounts of in-app disturbances might cause a drop in user retention. There is also a possibility of getting bad reviews and backlash from users for having too many disturbances while using the app.

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  • The app must be able to make an impact on the global market. App Store Optimization with the help of app localization can help break language barriers. App localization makes the application available in a localized language, hence making the entire world a potential user.

Comprehensive App Store Optimization Strategies

The importance of App Store Optimization has now become undeniable, now we need to employ appropriate strategies and techniques to ensure that the application of ASO is seamless. This can be achieved by :

  • Understanding User: Capturing the essence of the targeted users’ modus operandi is the key to success. Constant collection of data based on user behaviours must be noted and data-driven decision-making must be implemented. This ever-adjusting and evolving model is required to remain relevant and stay at the top of both the market and the search bar.

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  • Nomenclature: The first and foremost impression of the application will be formed based on its name. The name holds high significance as it needs to be catchy and at the same time give a clear idea about the app—the name when done right will be a significant contributor in attracting users.
  • App Descriptions: The initial impact is given by the name, but in order to follow up on that act a proper description needs to be in place. The description must be short and crisp looking to answer the potential questions and expectations in the users’ mind and the description should be realistic and align with what the application is actually capable of performing without understating or exaggerating its capabilities.
  • App Icons: Icons have a visual impact on the users, so with proper colour scheming, geometry and size, it will have the potential to stand out from the other apps in this category and not get lost in the vast ocean of apps.
  • Screenshots and Video: Top quality screenshots with proper colour scheming and enticing visuals will have a lasting effect on the users, It provides a preview of the app. This can be used to promote the brand with catchy captions and highlight its unique features. The preview video can further build on this concept by having a 30 sec walkthrough on the prevalent features which make your app unique and stand out from the rest. 

Final Takeaway

Most companies and businesses build these wonderful applications investing a tremendous amount of work and energy to it. The primary goal of these companies and businesses is to increase the number of download and build a royal user base. 

For that they spend proper time and money to reach their target audience. App Store Optimization is a great way to start that process for your application. Hope this article provided good insight on what is App Store Optimization and different strategies to increase your app growth.

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App Store Optimization: A Guide to APP Marketers

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