10 Subscription Analytics Tools for Mobile Apps

A collection of tools that can help build and grow your in-app subscription. Some are free to start!

The In-App subscription business is expanding at an incredible rate. With so much potential for growth and revenue, it's no surprise that developers are interested in monetizing their products through subscriptions.

To effectively manage the massive amounts of data created by company transactions, you'll need subscription management and recurring billing tools that can help you manage all of your data in one place and handle every part of your subscription business. Furthermore, it simplifies the process of information extraction and saves time in handling payments, reporting, and payment failure.

A simple Google search reveals that there are over hundreds of subscription management tool vendors on the market. Only a handful, however, truly deliver what they promise with quality.

With this in mind, selecting the correct subscription management system is critical to the success of your business. You must choose the right tool that will assist you in managing subscriptions and increasing client retention rates.

What exactly is an In-App Subscription? 

In-App Subscription is a feature that allows customers to pay a subscription to have access to premium content or features. Developers are continuously striving to enhance the quality of their products and gain the trust of their consumers over time.

In-app purchases are not available in all apps. Before you buy or download an app, check the App Store to see whether it contains in-app purchases. Then, near the app's pricing or Get button, check for "In-App Purchases."

What is an In-App Subscription Tool?

In-App Subscription Management Tool allows you to automate your recurring charge sales and invoicing processes. This makes it simple to implement, manage, and evaluate in-app subscriptions, allowing you to focus on developing your business and increasing income. These tools enable you to decrease your daily workload while still allowing them to renew memberships and schedule payments.

Now, What are the top picks for the best subscription management tools to Facilitate Your In-App Subscription in Apple Store? Some of the most popular include:


Appflow.ai is an In-app Subscription Analytics Tool that can assist you in increasing revenue and subscribers. It collects data from your app, such as trials, installs, purchases, income, refunds, and much more, to produce relevant app analytics. Appflow.ai features statistics for both iOS and Android. To improve the sales performance model and increase your monthly subscription income, various data states and subscriber groups are compared and evaluated using various data relations. They take care of everything from checkout to accounting, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Key characteristics include:

  • Subscription Analytics: Appflow.ai is a built-in analytics utility that generates simple charts in real time. It interacts with Android or iOS analytics to offer you a comprehensive set of data, from which it's easy to conclude. 
  • Funnel Analysis: Appflow.ai's funnel analysis specializes in tracking post-install events of your subscription apps. You can select which marketing channel you want to attribute once you integrate the SDK. And you can also customize the funnel according to your own app's unique events. 
  • App Cohort analysis: Appflow.ai offers App Cohort analysis, which is a type of behavioral analytics that illustrates what individual users perform on your app over time.
  • No-code Paywall A/B testing: With the built-in paywall builder, you can create paywall variants with elements you want to test. Then on the paywall A/B testing console, choose the paywall and define the paywall target by selecting from the filter. You are able to do it all remotely without app release.
  • Integrations: This feature allows you to keep track of all Subscription events in the relevant service, such as trials, purchases, cancellations, refunds, and more.
  • Remote Configuration: No coding is required to send push notifications, adjust payment conditions, or implement paywalls. It can provide you with drafting, pending, or finished push notification campaigns. You can also see who received the notification and when it was delivered.
  • AI-powered Suggestion: Suggestions are one of Appflow.ai's most notable features. This tool can help you reduce total expenses while modernizing your digital infrastructure.

Zoho Subscriptions:

Zoho Subscriptions will be able to track subscription billing and invoices for each client throughout their lifetime, as well as automate recurring billing, manage subscriptions, and more. You no longer have to manually bill and submit invoices. Zoho Subscriptions automates invoicing and gives you tax-compliant invoices.

Key characteristics include:

  • Create webhooks to receive critical information such as subscription status, payments, invoices, and more.
  • Get email alerts for events such as trial expiration, payment initiated, payment thank-you, and more.
  • Set up processes based on different triggers and receive notifications.


Billsby is a tool for subscription management and recurring billing. It is a robust, flexible, and simple-to-integrate recurring billing solution with some fascinating and unique features such as a product, plan, and cycle hierarchy, plan actions interfaces with other business systems, and Value Score to identify your best and worst clients.

Key characteristics include:

  • Advanced Invoices - Billsby invoices have a sidebar that allows customers to manage their accounts rather than simply receiving a static PDF.
  • Embedded Checkout - The Billsby embedded checkout includes features like plan selection and custom fields, making it much easier for your development team to get started accepting subscription payments.
  • Dunning and Retention - The Billsby dunning and retention flow are extremely customizable, allowing you to specify how rejected payments are handled.


Chargebee is a smart subscription billing software and revenue management platform that provides you with complete control over your business. Chargebee not only allows you to manage every part of your client subscriptions, but also delivers insights to help you develop.

You can simply enhance conversions by upselling new items, generate churn-driven revenue growth by cross-selling your products to current customers, and develop personalized subscription plans for each client by using Chargebee's powerful tools.

Key characteristics include:

  • Managing subscriptions and regular revenue agreements and being able to resolve concerns quickly when they happen.
  • Guarantee safe subscription experiences with a secure and dependable billing system.
  • Reduce the risk of non-payment and enhance your cash flow by linking consumer payments with genuine customers, allowing you to collect payment up front and avoid disputes.

Stripe Billing:

Stripe Billing is a subscription management tool developed by Stripe, a payment gateway. It is billing and invoicing software with capabilities such as configurable invoices, dunning management, a contact database, a billing site, contingency billing, and subscription billing.

Key characteristics include:

  • Allow your customers to manage their subscription plan and billing information through a secure, Stripe-hosted portal.
  • Reconcile invoices paid via ACH credit or wire transfers automatically.
  • Send an invoice or charge a one-time fee to a customer.


MoonClerk is the finest billing solution, allowing you to tackle the complexities of subscription billing and company administration in under a minute. Furthermore, it provides certain extra capabilities like payment gateways, third-party integration, analytics and insights, and so on.

Key characteristics include:

  • Better and faster assistance
  • Frictionless Form of Registration
  • Make it simple for your customers to communicate with you.


Sellfy is used for tracking critical data related to your company's growth. This service is linked with several firms, including Salesforce, Netsuite, Quickbooks, and many more.

Key characteristics include:

  • Obtain Useful Information: You can collect useful data for your main subscription indicators using sophisticated analytics, which will help you optimize your subscription-based business.
  • Save and Accelerate Your Values: Recurly speeds up your business by allowing you to select different billing models, payment gateways, payment alternatives, integration, revenue recognition, taxes, and hosted payment pages based on your needs.


Invoicera is an online subscription management solution that assists organizations in automating and managing recurring invoicing that occurs regularly.

Key characteristics include:

  • Report in Real Time: You can produce a range of client reports here, such as outstanding invoices, payments received, the amount billed, and invoice ageing, all in real-time, to improve your customer management system.
  • Billing and Payment Automation: You can collect consumer payments online automatically with the aid of an auto-billing profile. It is also very useful when it comes to being paid when the invoice is due.
  • Manage Every Aspect of Your Company: These capabilities help you send bills to consumers on a regular basis, increasing the productivity of the invoicing process.


Zuora organizes your client information, monthly recurring income detail, transaction list, and so on.

Key characteristics include:

  • Pricing Strategies that Combine and Contrast: Pricing plans are often a combination of seven segments: billing frequency, upgrades, add-ons, tiers, promotions, use, and internationalization. This mix and match strategy is intended to provide appealing offers that can keep subscribers and help your organization expand.
  • Provides an invoice that is clean, clear, and accurate: Zuora offers capabilities like grouping, subtotals, and conditional logic to enable you to develop and customize a wide choice of invoice templates that will make it easier for your customers to comprehend bills.
  • Bills for complex accounts are also easily generated.


2Checkout is an all-in-one monetization tool that assists businesses in increasing their global sales. It offers a suite of tools to help you optimize your income, including payment processing, fraud prevention, reporting and analytics, and marketing automation.

Key characteristics include:

  • Use affiliates and reseller partners to enhance your company's global reach, allowing you to reach more buyers faster than ever before.
  • With 2Checkout's integration features, you can capture client information and manage recurring billing with a single charge for all goods and services.
  • It is constantly ready to take new consumer subscriptions for the company.
  • It's simple to switch to subscriptions or start a subscription business with them, which means you'll be able to do more with fewer resources.
  • With 2Checkout's subscription billing solution, you can quickly build your recurring income with mid-market and corporate enterprises, allowing you to establish new revenue streams and fully use digital channels.


It may appear intimidating at first, but if you want to design a successful subscription software, you must take a methodical approach. Take the process step by step and make sure you're utilizing the tools that can help your organization expand.

With so many subscription management tools available, you're likely to discover the appropriate one for your product. Begin by looking over the ones we've provided above. These are some of the best in-app subscription tools available, and they will drastically improve how you run your subscription business.

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