How to Optimize App Marketing with Funnel Analysis

What is funnel analysis and how can it optimize app marketing? Let's see!

App marketing plays an important role in promoting apps and bringing in new app users. As an app marketer, you are sure to have taken different app marketing strategies to help raise brand awareness, arouse user interest and finally prompt them to convert. 

However, with so many app marketing channels and campaigns, you may have trouble understanding how well each of them is truly performing, whether you are wasting your marketing budget on some campaigns that are not working at all, and how you can optimize the mobile campaigns to bring high-quality visitors and achieve higher conversion. 

Luckily funnel analysis can be a really good helper here. In this article, we will talk about funnel analysis and how it can help optimize app marketing.

What is Funnel Analysis?

Funnel analysis is an analyzing method that maps the flow of in-app user events to a series of funnel steps that eventually lead to conversions, such as downloads, subscriptions, or renewals. 

You can use funnel analysis to trace in-app user journeys throughout the app and see how many users end up in each step of the funnel. Note it is normal that there are some drop-offs in each step and the number of users reaching the bottom of the funnel can be a sign revealing the real value your app marketing campaigns bring to you. This insight can help optimize your app marketing.

Before we jump into how to optimize app marketing with funnel analysis, let’s see what information a typical funnel can offer using’s funnel analysis as the tool.

What Information can’s Funnel Analysis Offer? is a subscription analytics platform to help build, manage, analyze, experiment and grow in-app subscriptions. 

Its funnel analysis feature, integrated with third-party attribution tools, like Adjust, supports tracking standard in-app subscription events (Installs >> Trials >> Subscriptions >> Refunds/Renewals off) and customized events along the funnel, for different marketing channels /app campaigns/creatives (or keywords). 


The customizable funnels can answer the following questions that are essential to improve and optimize mobile app marketing:

  • Post-install measuring: how many installs, trials, subscriptions, refunds and reactivations of each channel, each campaign, in a certain period of time;
  • Where does the biggest churn occur along the entire user journey? From installs to trials? Or from trials to subscriptions;
  • Which mobile app campaign is bringing the most valuable traffic to the app;
  • What is the ROA of each mobile app marketing campaign;
  • Which acquisition channel is giving the best ROI (return on investment);
  • Which keywords from Apple Search Ads campaigns are giving the highest conversion rate;
  • How are the product SKUs selling in all marketing channels;
  • Which user paths are most efficient for achieving a particular in-app subscription objective.

How to Optimize App Marketing with Funnel Analysis?

Now that you have known all the critical information related to the effectiveness of mobile app marketing campaigns, let’s talk about how to optimize them with funnel analysis. 

1. Recognize Opportunities for App Marketing Improvement 

Funnel analysis tracks user behavior throughout the funnel and tells how many users have made it to the next step and the conversion rate between each step. If you are using funnel analysis for your subscription apps, which leverages data to address problems and issues, you can easily notice the unexpected drop-offs in funnels and recognize opportunities for app marketing improvement.

For example, if you find you are getting lots of installs from a certain mobile app marketing campaign. However, the conversion from installs to subscriptions drops dramatically. It is time to review your app marketing campaign setting and the app store product page. It is likely that your campaign is attracting the wrong potential users or your content may be misleading. Fixing these issues could help improve the effectiveness of your mobile app marketing campaign.

2. Focus on App Marketing Campaign with the Highest Conversion’s funnel analysis allows you to customize the user funnel of each mobile app marketing campaign. You can easily measure the effectiveness of each campaign and identify which campaign is bringing in the highest quality of traffic and conversion rate. 

Whether it is Apple Search Ads, social media or other campaigns, you should focus on these campaigns and consider abandoning marketing app campaigns that are not working. In this way, you can improve the first phase of the funnel and thus create a ripple effect on the following steps of the funnel, achieving a higher conversion.

3. Craft a Better User Path that Converts

The in-app onboarding process is significant to reveal the app's value to new users. The final goal is to convert users. App product managers and developers are sure to have designed a user path that they think will quickly onboard users. But sometimes that is not the real case. 

To find out the real user path that best converts users to subscribers, you can use funnel analysis(here we use’s funnel analysis) by following the steps:

Step 1: Study subscribers’ user paths in your app before they made the subscription and record the critical events that they did if there exists a similar user journey.

Step 2: Analyze and make assumptions that if users have followed the discovered user path and finished a specific in-app event, they will be likely to convert.

Step 3: Send these custom events to and create customized funnels.

Step 4: Monitor whether new users following the steps of the designed funnel are more likely to convert.

Step 5: If you find that users who follow the discovered user path and complete a specific in-app event are likely to convert to subscribers, then you should nudge users from all app marketing campaigns to finish the same action by crafting a better in-app user path.

If you have discovered and crafted the user path that converts, users from all app marketing channels and campaigns will be more likely to subscribe to your app and the ROI will be improved, and so is the app marketing.

Pro tip: is now able to integrate with Adjust and Apple Search Ads for marketing attributions. The funnel analysis feature is available on Free plan(up to $10k/MTR). 

Create a free account(no credit card required) and start funnel analysis for your subscription apps.

4. Make Smart App Marketing Budget Allocation

Funnel analysis reveals the real impact of all marketing activities by telling you which app marketing campaign has brought the highest ROI or ROA

With these data-driven insights, you can know how users reach your app, so you can make smart app marketing campaign budget allocation: increasing the budget for these campaigns that are really working.

Therefore, you can optimize the effectiveness of your app marketing channels and campaigns and make the best out of them. 

Final Take Away‘s funnel analysis is good at tracking the post-install events of each app marketing campaign for subscription apps.  This feature can not only help understand user behavior in your apps, but also tell the effectiveness of mobile app marketing campaigns. 

With these data-driven insights from funnel analysis, you can optimize app marketing by identifying issues to fix, making effective app marketing decisions, tailoring user paths that convert and allocating the app marketing budget smartly. 

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How to Optimize App Marketing with Funnel Analysis

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