What is App Store Connect SKU?

Here is a complete guide to SKU.

Keeping careful track of that stock as you expand is critical to the ongoing success of your business. SKU is a retail-related acronym that you've probably heard many times. Unique SKUs are the foundation of good product management. But what exactly are they for App products? And how do you go about creating them in App store? This article will help you understand about SKUs, from what it is in App Store Connect to how to generate and manage.

What is SKU in App Store Connect?

From Apple’s definition, SKU Number is a unique ID for your app in the Apple system that is not seen by users. You can use letters, numbers, hyphens, periods, and underscores. The SKU can’t start with a hyphen, period, or underscore. Use a value that is meaningful to your organization.

You can think of it as a number that you create to keep track of your applications. It's comparable to a product identification number. It's a one-of-a-kind tracking number for your software on the AppStore. You may put anything in there as long as it is distinct from the rest of your applications. Try to stick to a pattern with your apps' SKU numbers, so that you can better organize them and keep track of numerous versions of your app. 

App Store SKU Number examples

It's worth noting that SKUs are case-sensitive and can only be 150 characters long. Characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, underscores, periods and dashes are all allowed.

You can use any pattern that is simple for you. 

The naming depends on how you want to organize them, for example 

For your app, it's recommended to combine the current year, month, and ID. This will make sure every SKU is unique. SKUs don't have to be entirely numbered; alphanumeric characters are also acceptable. If you're devel­op­ing your first app in September 2001, your SKU number can be "20010912."

How do I Get an App Store SKU?

App Store Connect (formerly known as iTunes Connect) is the location where you control your app's marketing and distribution. This is where you describe your app, this includes the SKU and other details regarding the app. You can enter the SKU ID here while registering your app.

Follow the below steps to enter the SKU for your app:

     · Go to App Store Connect and sign in with your Apple ID.

     · Go to My Apps, click +, and then select New app.

     · You will now be asked to fill out the following information:

                      · Name 

                      · SKU

                      · Primary Language 

                      · Bundle ID

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for producing SKUs. It is recommended to list out all the requirements first and then figure out a system that works best for your needs. 

The first step in producing SKUs is to establish a standard format that all of your SKUs must adhere to. Determine which numbers and IDs will be included in your SKUs, as well as the sequence in which they will appear. Will you mention the company's name? Consider what characteristics your items normally have that set them apart from other products to determine what should be included.

An SKU generator can be the way to go if you don't want to name your SKU numbers by yourself, you can use an Auto-SKU Generator. You may also obtain SKU generator applications from 3rd party organizations. Now that you have so many choices.

How to View My SKU on App Store?

When You select "Manage Your Applications," You get presented with a list of both my iOS and Mac OS apps. You can access the application summary page for each of those by clicking on one of them. The SKU, Bundle ID, and Apple ID for the application are listed on this summary page.

How do I Change the SKU on App Store?

You cannot change the SKU since, the SKU is used to identify the app, it is intended to remain constant during the app's lifespan. You can't use an SKU ID for another app again as it reinforces the concept that they can't be modified for an app after they've been set. So, the SKU ID cannot be altered, and the Bundle ID can only be updated before the first build is submitted.

How SKUs are Selling?

Understanding how each SKU is selling and from which channels and countries is important for making pricing strategies. Appflow.ai, a subscription analytics platform to build, analyze and grow in-app subscriptions, tracks real-time in-app subscription data, SKUs included. With this analytics tool, you can easily know the following information about SKUs:

  • the top 3 profitable SKUs
  • which kind of SKU users from different marketing channels are choosing
  • how SKU are selling in different countries
  • which combination of SKUs can bring the most revenue using A/B testing
  • what SKU every individual user is subscribing to

With these information in hand, you can adjust you SKU strategies and do paywall A/B testing to find out the most profitable one to grow your subscription app business. 

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What is App Store Connect SKU?

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