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November Product Updates: iOS In-app Purchase SDK, Billing History and Receipts, Custom Users List

Bang-bang! Hi, everyone! I know you were waiting for updates for the whole month! So let's begin our story quickly.

New: iOS In-app Purchase Backend SDK

Did you know that a lifetime subscription is actually an in-app one-time purchase? Yes, that’s true, without a doubt. That’s why we have added lifetime subscriptions in our backend SDK for iOS to facilitate your subscription infrastructure. From now on our iOS users are able to manage in-app purchases with

New: Billing History and Receipts

Payments were never our first priority. Cause our goal is to create a product that will help you with revenue growth. However, this month we decided to make account billing history more visible and clear to understand so that you can see your invoices and receipts all in one place. And we made it! It is now live for you.

New: Custom Users List

We make it customizable for you to group end-users. For example, you can group all your test teammates and label them as “internal test users”. In this way, you will be able to filter them easily in your CRM or grant some promotional access to them easier. By the way, the Grant Promotional Access feature at is coming soon!customized-user-list-at-appflow.aiWhat to expect in December? In-app messages, android lifetime subscriptions and more!

Warm hugs and warm winter wishes to all!


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