How We Develop an In-app Purchase Infrastructure for Mobile Apps— Features History Talk #1

This is a real story of the process on how we develop

Hello guys! We at were thinking about how to bring more life to our blog. Surie proposed to write about our features in a historical prospect and to be honest I was not able to stop talking.

We are the First User of! was created on a base of our internal product and we knew what is important for the users and how to work with mobile app metrics as we were - our user #1!

However, maybe you know the famous design mantra: "You are not your user!" So, the first point was to change the design, we discussed it a lot and understood we need to start from scratch. I wouldn't say we didn't look at our competitors, we did! But we wanted to follow the Google Empty spaces trends and we made a literal dashboard iteration Goal

Our goal was to highlight the most important data together with our killer-feature Suggestions. We made sure it will be working like that and divided the main data and analytical charts into different screens.
The most tricky one was our Conversions tab. The problem was in the right visualization of data together with dependencies between events. Our designer Tetiana was challenging herself as she was in need not only to draw but to understand events conversion optimization

Challenges and Issues

The next challenge was to make all designs consistent and I am sure we were quite good at it! graph designOne of the biggest issues was how to show the big amount of data in a clear way because sometimes charts look like that example from the open source internet) charts challengeWe made a few dozen of rules to make it clear. There was one step of our discussion, for graph optimizationNow, of course, we added some breakpoints and splitting rules to make everything as informative as possible.
At the same time, as we are working within sprints, our frontend team was feeling quite a pressure from me and the first time we failed the sprint because of these 'net' rules. I remember how sad was our frontend developer Chell and how she was trying to fit in the sprint using her spare time on a weekend. Thank you for your hard work those days! Muffin sends you a hug! MuffinLong story short - every widget you see, every tab or chart is a big deal for us——it's a discussion, rules, docs, talks, and hours of work. Sometimes we do things not perfectly but we are progressing. More stories to go.

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How We Develop an In-app Purchase Infrastructure for Mobile Apps— Features History Talk #1

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