Why You Should Use Appflow.ai?

In this article, we explain what appflow.ai can do for you and how you can benefit from it.

Appflow.ai is an in-app subscription toolkit for mobile Apps that empowers deploying in-app purchases and subscriptions backend infrastructure easily, tracking subscription data&metrics across platforms in real-time, managing subscribers, employing no-code monetizing tests and growing in-app revenue.

What Can Appflow.ai Do for You?

Build In-app Purchases and Subscriptions Backend Infrastructure in Minutes

Appflow.ai’s software development kit (SDK) serves as your in-app purchases and subscription backend infrastructure, including validating receipts, managing the user access and maintaining them over time even when the app stores implement changes.

With appflow.ai being your cross-platform backend infrastructure, you can implement subscriptions in minutes and free yourself from building your own purchase server as well as maintaining it even when Apple or Google change anything in their purchase frameworks. Because appflow.ai will do the job for you, you can save a lot of engineering resources and focus on building a better product.

Monitor Real-Time Subscription Data Across Platforms

Appflow.ai displays all the crucial app metrics in one dashboard, like trials, subscriptions, renewals, churn, refunds, etc., and tracks the real-time subscription data on one dashboard for you. You can also use built-in subscription analytics tools, such as cohort analysis and funnel analysis to understand your subscribers better and react faster to some unusual data declines.

With Appflow.ai's real-time subscription data dashboard, you can monitor your app marketing effectiveness in a timely and accurate manner, so that you are able to employ a dynamic app marketing strategy.

Integrate with Other Platforms and Sync Subscription Data

Appflow.ai allows integrations with other app platforms, so you could sync your subscription data to other platforms, like those for advertising, analytics or attribution.

Efficiently delivering your data and putting them all on one dashboard enables you to get a bigger vision from a fuller image.

Grow In-app Revenue with No-code Marketing Experiments

Appflow.ai aids subscription growth with no-code paywall A/B testing, push notifications and in-app messages. Doing paywall A/B testing without submitting changes to the app stores helps make the good choice of paywall faster and increases the conversion rate. Sending personalized push or in-app messages to the users based on the tracking of custom events can bring most of the inactive users back to the app.

Automatic marketing tools triggered by time or events can increase engagement rate and improve user stickiness, which is the key to subscription growth and subscriber retention.

Serve as an AI Revenue Growth Consultant

Appflow.ai’s AI revenue growth suggestions feature displays real-time tips, reminders, alerts, subscription facts, suggestions, and solutions based on Machine Learning. It gives timely support when you have no idea about what to do with the data.

You don’t have to worry about what to do next when you have AI suggestions at your fingertips. Because it will always give clues on what to do with the subscription data.

Why You Should Use Appflow.ai?

Here are 7 reasons why you should use appflow.ai:

  1. Implement subscriptions faster
    Appflow.ai provides a one-stop solution to build in-app subscription backend infrastructure more quickly. If you don’t have in-app purchases and subscriptions in your app previously but want to add them now, utilize Appflow.ai‘s SDK to build your purchase backend, which will make the implementation process easier and faster. Learn more in our documentation.appflow.ai-working-flow

  2. Save development resources
    Appflow.ai serves as your purchase backend so that you don’t have to build your own or maintain the subscription infrastructure, which can cut development resources. So you can focus your development efforts on building a better product.

  3. Stop losing subscription data
    If your implement your in-app purchase on the client side, there is a risk that you may lose the data. Appflow.ai can prevent this situation from happening with your purchase infrastructure secured and scaled.

  4. Enrich your subscription database
    Appflow.ai not only helps with receipt validation and status tracking but also tracks subscription events, like trials, cancelations, conversions and more. From a more complete list of app subscription-related metrics and real-time tracking data, you can always get more useful insight.

  5. Share subscription data with other tools easily
    You can easily integrate appflow.ai with other third-party tools easily and share subscription data. For step-by-step guides, check out our documentation.

  6. Do marketing experiments with no code involved
    Appflow.ai provides no-code marketing tools: paywall A/B testing, push notifications, and in-app messages. You can set them up in a few clicks and editing, which would really improve marketing efficiency and seize more growth opportunities.

  7. Get help from AI revenue growth suggestions
    With AI revenue suggestions always at your service, you will always get the first sense of what is going on with the subscription data and perceive the subscription data in a broader way over time.

When You Should Use Appflow.ai?

  • You want to build an app that will be monetized by subscriptions.
  • You had an app and want to add in-app subscriptions.
  • You don’t have development resources for building and managing the purchase backend continuously.
  • You want to manage subscriptions with our all-in-one data dashboards and send subscription events to 3rd-party tools.


Appflow.ai helps implement cross-platform in-app subscription backend infrastructure faster and facilitates real-time data analytics as well as marketing experiments. It will improve the working efficiency of developers, marketers, analysts and app owners, which will finally drive the growth of your in-app subscriptions.

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Why You Should Use Appflow.ai?

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