Upcoming Features in Q1 2023: ROA, ASA, Funnel Redesign, Entitlements, Retention and more!

Check out our road map for Q1, 2023.

Hello guys! Appflow.ai is always running to satisfy all your needs and create the best user journey. We were involved in so many processes and right now we are ready to present upcoming features. Here is our Public Roadmap for you.


The Return of Advertisement Spending is almost there! We integrated Adjust ad Partner and you are able to see the ROAS as a big table and compare ad spending and revenue that comes from it. 

Apflow.ai now supports integrating with Adjust to see the ROAS. And we are also working on integrating with more attribution platforms. Expectedly you will be able to see the ROAS from Apple Search Ads in this table within a month. return-of-advertisement-roa-by-appflow.aiDoc: Integrate with Adjust

ASA Advanced

Currently, you can track campaign performance of your ASA in Appflow if you integrate with ASA directly. The Advanced version of ASA campaign performance tracking which is to track keywords performance will be available in February in Funnel Analysis. And we will include these filters in Segments and Experiments as well.asa-keywords-performance
Doc: Send ASA Data to Appflow.ai

Funnel Redesign

Missed drag and drop on Appflow.ai? Want to see which keyword brought you the biggest revenue? Everything will be on a new funnel. Custom events will also be there with a better UX. So you will be able to customize a funnel that caters to your needs!advanced-analytics-funnel-redesign
See how funnel analysis has helped Adblocker grow MRR more than 30%.

Analytics - Strategic View and Day-by-day

Sometimes we all can be lost in our data. Appflow.ai is a smart way of seeing your data. Some metrics are well-known as strategic so by default, you will see them together for all your time with us. And also there are some metrics that you would like to see with real-time changes daily.

Changes will be made:

  • Filters added
  • Added in average per split view (for example average revenue or new users per day)
  • Added “+ %” compared to the previous period
  • Adding daily revenue metric
  • and much more!analytics-strategic-view-appflow.ai

Android Lifetime Subscriptions

We already support iOS lifetime subscription tracking. And in the next quarter, we will be able to support the Android one as well.


Entitlements are those rights that are set in the app store or google play by you for your end-users. Now we are going to make it possible and convenient for you to configure it remotely at appflow.ai! And that's a challenge we are facing. We are going to make Appflow.ai the only subscription platform you need to manage your mobile subscription apps!


We all know that app stores only allow seeing retention for 12 periods, but you will be able to see it for 52 periods (weeks) at appflow.ai. In this way, you will know the best retention periods and the worst churn ones in longer periods.analytics-retention-by-appflow.ai

The above are all the features to be expected in Q1, 2023 with appflow.ai. And we will continue to work hard to offer you more valuable features!



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Upcoming Features in Q1 2023: ROA, ASA, Funnel Redesign, Entitlements, Retention and more!

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