30 Best Black Friday SaaS Deals 2022

Here is a list of best black Friday SaaS deals, find one right to you and save money.

Black Friday 2022 is finally around the corner. To help make plump savings, we have compiled a list of SaaS businesses that offer promotions for Black Friday 2022. Catch the deal you like and try new services at the lowest price now! 

Black Friday SaaS Deals

1. Appflow.ai

Appflow.ai is an in-app subscription analytics and management platform. Using appflow.ai, app companies can easily track real-time subscription data, perform in-depth subscription analytics, manage subscribers, do paywall a/b testing, and send push notifications across Android and iOS all in one place.

Black Friday Deal: 5 Months Free For Ultimate

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2. Neuroflash

With Neuroflash you can generate texts of all kinds in seconds. The artificial intelligence behind it supports your writing process and promises unique content.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 45% discount 

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3. FirstSales

Say goodbye to empty pipelines, and hello to daily conversions. Try FirstSales so you can generate more leads, acquire new customers and grow revenue faster using email outreach

Black Friday Deal: 20% discount 

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4. Draftss

We provide unlimited design, video & code services on Subscription.

Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF Forever 

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5. Grab Your Reviews

Grab Your Reviews is a tool that lets you collect and showcase reviews from multiple sites to boost your SERP rankings and improve your brand reputation. Set up email and SMS funnels to request reviews from buyers directly, then easily share testimonials on your site and turn social proof into sales.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off for 6 months 

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6. Securityinfinity

Secure your website in 10 minutes. AI-enabled cybersecurity platform with live vulnerability analytics to assess your website, cloud platform and identify vulnerabilities.

Black Friday Deal: 40% discount on all plans 

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7. MailRefine

MailRefine is the most accurate and affordable email verification tool. You can verify your email/email list with just three steps. MailRefine support API/form/integration in your site.

Black Friday Deal: 50% Discount 

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8. Pxcode

Convert figma design to responsive clean code 10x faster.

Black Friday Deal: 20% Off

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9. Appmyweb

Converting any website into mobile app. Android and iOs.

Black Friday Deal: 30% Off

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10. Strivesales

Email, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, CRM, and more. All-in-one platform to help you grow your business. Simplify your workflow with Strive Sales. Manage your contacts, run email campaigns, track and assign leads, create quotes and invoices in one place

Black Friday Deal: 50% Off 

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11. Contentstudio

ContentStudio is a social media management platform for every social network. Plan, analyze, and publish content in advance — so you can save time & grow your business.

Black Friday Deal: 30% recurring off on all annual plans

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12. Replug

Shorten, track and optimize your links with catchy call-to-actions, retargeting pixels, custom domains and powerful analytics. 

Black Friday Deal: Growth plan for $99/year

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13. Cardclan

Make messaging more engaging using dynamic digital cards, and replace plain old boring emails with interactive cards.

Black Friday Deal: 50% discount on annual plans; 20% discount on monthly plans

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14. Bolddesk

BoldDesk is a cloud-based, modern help desk ticketing software for serving a wide range of customer support activities. You can organize support requests, collaborate with customers and teammates, automate repetitive tasks, and improve overall customer experience.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 40% on an unlimited agents plan at $75

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15. Gurucan

Gurucan is an all-in-one platform for creating and selling online courses on web and mobile. Everything a successful knowledge business needs: online courses, memberships, emails, push notifications, white-label mobile apps & more!

Black Friday Deal: 40% Discount

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16. Baluu

Baluu is a fully-fledged booking system and the website builder that is great for small businesses that need to take bookings online. You can connect your bank account, or Stripe to accept payments and even sell products with their e-commerce features. Build an out-of-the-box booking website in minutes and start accepting payments and bookings online. Integrates into any existing website as an iframe Syncs with all the major calendar platforms (Google, Outlook etc.)

Black Friday Deal: 15% off all plans

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17. Deskubots

Deskubots is a no-code, drag and drop chatbot builder that helps to carry out automated conversations with your customers even in absence of any support agent.

Black Friday Deal: Lifetime Deal at $69

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18. Flutin

Flutin is a browser-based live streaming platform that allow you to stream real-time or pre-recorded video on 30+ streaming platforms. Explore a range of steaming features and earn money by monetizing your live.

Black Friday Deal: Lifetime Deal

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19. MojoAuth

MojoAuth is the safest passwordless authentication solution that enables your users to log in seamlessly with an email OTP or magic link or WebAuthn, which in turn provides stronger security to your business.

Black Friday Deal: 50% discount on all annual plans

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20. Designmono 

Designmono is an all-in-one solution to create website and newsletter designs to impress and engage your customers.

Black Friday Deal: 40% discount 

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21. Static.app

Static.app is the easiest way to host a static HTML website online. Drag and drop an archive with your page or an entire website and we will take care of the rest. Everything is included: SSL certificate, code editor, forms and media storage all in one place.

Black Friday Deal: 30% discount 

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22. Unspam.email

Unspam.email is an online spam tester tool for emails. Improve your deliverability with the free email tester. The service analyzes the main aspects of an email and returns a spam score and predicts results with a heat map of your email newsletter.

Black Friday Deal: 30% discount 

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23. Cloudways

Cloudways provides fastest managed hosting on platforms like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Aws and Google Cloud. It has on click installation and fully managed platform, so users can focus on their content and product.

Black Friday Deal: 40% off for 4 months

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24. Document360

Document360 is a SaaS platform that helps you build a great self-service knowledge base for your customers and internal users. It is a well-structured world-class knowledge base available in both public and private.

Black Friday Deal: Get an additional 20% off this Black Friday & save up to 40%

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25. Pipebooster

Pipebooster enriches your customer data with LinkedIn profiles and lets you know if someone already moved to another company. When a job change occurs, Pipebooster finds new email and creates new lead in your CRM.

Black Friday Deal: 100 USD voucher 100OFF

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26. Scena

A revolutionary no-code platform for synthetic AI avatars, video chatbots, interactive shoppable videos.

Black Friday Deal: 50% Discount

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27. Tomba.io

Tomba.io is an Email Finder for B2B sales and email marketing. We are collecting and crafting public data using our Robots to provide an advanced prospecting tool to help professionals.

Black Friday Deal: 50% und 80% Discount

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28. Happierleads

Happierleads is a B2B tool that can help your inbound and outbound leads convert into customers. Track anonymous companies that are visiting your website or get in contact with ideal companies.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off any of our plans

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29. GreetPool

GreetPool is group ecards platform that enables multiple people to sign and share ecards collaboratively.

Black Friday Deal: 25% Off on group ecard packs

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30. Microanalytics

An easy to use, privacy-focused alternative to the big analytics platforms that keeps everyone anonymous and puts you in charge. Created and hosted in the EU, powered by renewable energy.

Black Friday Deal: 30% Discount

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What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday is a colloquial term for the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It traditionally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season when many stores offer highly promoted sales at discounted prices in the United States. In recent years, Black Friday has also been popular with online businesses as they also offer great deals and discounts.

The Origin of Black Friday

The origin of Black Friday is in the United States. The name dates back to the 19th century, when the inhabitants of Philadelphia flocked to the city the day after Thanksgiving to crowd the shopping streets. Police referred to this rush as “Black Friday” because there were so many traffic accidents and congestion.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday usually occurs on the fourth Friday in November. The exact date for Black Friday in 2022 is November 25th.

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30 Best Black Friday SaaS Deals 2022

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