October Product Updates: Custom Events, Retention Analytics and Better Funnel Analysis!

Have a look at our new features released in October.

Hello everyone!

Another month passed by quickly, and we have been highly productive in October! I am here to share some great news about our achievements. Grab some coffee——it's gonna be a long read!

New: Custom Events

We are proud and excited to announce that Custom Events are now supported at Appflow.ai. You can now send custom events to Appflow.ai, which are viewable on the user profiles and soon will be available in Funnels as well. Check whether users have conducted the desired actions in your app or not now!

Doc: Send Android Custom Events   👉 

Doc: Send iOS Custome Events  👉 


With Custom Events supported, you are now able to track and check your subscribers’ user journey in Appflow.ai easily.


Better Funnels Analysis

1. Granular Data for Funnel with Adjust

We have been working further with Adjust integrations to introduce campaigns, sub-campaigns and creatives to Appflow.ai funnels. Now you are able to choose from these metrics to see a more detailed user path when conducting Funnel Analysis.


2. Conversion Rate Viewable on Funnels

Conversion rates from installs to trials, from trials to subscriptions, from subscriptions to refunds, etc. are now viewable on the top of Funnels. You can now easily choose from the existing metrics to see the conversion rate at a glance. 

3. Acquisition Tips Available on Funnels

Our goal is not just to show our users fancy analytic charts, but also we want you to get direct data insight to grow your subscription easily, which is realized by our Suggestion feature. So here at Funnel Analysis, we offer data-driven acquisition tips to you at the right bottom of the funnels. Now you will be more clear about how many users you should get to hit your KPIs.


New: Retention 

Retention is the term referring to how long subscribers are staying in the system/app.


The newly released Retention Chart in Appflow.ai Analytic is now available. Here are the updates you should know:

  • Retention for subscribers can now be calculated separately by OS, countries, languages and SKU. And by default, we show the retention line graph for All subscribers. If you want to view the retention from different segments, choose the want you like on the right. 
  • Understanding of our retention line graph: When choosing from a time period, we add up all the subscribers on the very first day and calculate their retention rate in that time period. We consider the retention rate on the first day as 100%, that is the first point in the retention graph. So as you can see, the retention graph can only go down if users are churning. 

Check Retention Doc 👉 

Updates to Calendar

We have added an “All time” filter to the calendar, so now you can choose “All Time” to get a big picture of all the data appflow.ai has been tracking for you!


And much more is coming! 



Product Manager of Appflow.ai

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October Product Updates: Custom Events, Retention Analytics and Better Funnel Analysis!

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