September Product Updates: Funnel Analysis, Sandbox Mode, Support Chat, and More!

See what features we have released in September to grow your in-app subscription businesses.

It was a very productive month indeed. We got so many requests from users, and at the same time, we were in need to go with our plan. So here are the fruitful results of team's hard work during the last month.

Funnel Analysis

As said in a famous meme: "It's not much but it's fair work". We finally made a funnel! So desired feature by many users is now available in, mainly including:

  • User Installations by channels
  • SKU performance by channels
  • User conversions funnels by channels

And one more addon is that can calculate and show you how many installs are needed to get one subscriber. You can play with the data from different ad channels now and see how’s the performance of each channel.

product update-funnels

New SDK Version Reminder

Some time ago, we received a request from a user who saw that they made integration with Adjust, but their data from Adjust was not shown. We were in a panic. We just launched Adjust Integration but it was not working for our beloved user. Let's call him user 001.

However, we found that user 001 just didn't update the SDK version. That was our fault not notifying the user in a friendly way. So now we do!

product update- SDK reminder

Upleveled Churn Rate and LTV Formulas

Every person in the analytical sphere knows that there are tons of formulas used by different tools. We at try to handle the cases that come with Subscriptions. That's why we adjusted our formulas.

As an example, before we were counting non-active users as churned ones however we found that when you have a wish-list app, your users may sign in only once per year but have annual subscriptions. These users are not churned. This is just a specific story of the end-user behavior.

So right now all formulas are improved. And you can see them as usual on our dashboard.

product updata-churn rate and LTV formulas

Sandbox Mode

We also made a new functionality allowing you to see your live data separately from test data. Just switch it on and off in a filter when choosing your project and apps.

product update- sandbox mode

Support chat

We know how important it is to receive instant support as a user, so we launch a support chat where you can ask questions directly at any time. So if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat.

product update-support chat

We will have even more later. Check out our roadmap for the nearest quarter

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September Product Updates: Funnel Analysis, Sandbox Mode, Support Chat, and More!

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