Upcoming Features Q4 2022: In-app Messages, Funnels, Visual Constructors, Retention, and More!

See all the upcoming features to grow your subscription app businesses in Q4 2022.

As the new quarter approaches, we are going to update new features to help users grow their app business. So what should you expect in Appflow.ai in the upcoming quarter? The answer is below!

In-app Messages   

It’s crucial to engage users in the app. You can already do it by using Push Notification in Experiment. And now we are happy to announce another new engaging feature ——In-app Messages! Aimed to notify users about any events or any news you have inside your app, the in-app messages will be triggered by time(i.e. on specific dates) or event (i.e. user first joined the app).

in app messages demo created by appflow.aiUpdates for Funnels

As you can see, we have just launched our new functional feature—— Funnels to explore the channels app users come from and their conversion process. We have already got our first user's feedback and we are going to further optimize it by adding:

1. Custom events. Customize unique events that happen in your app, and then you will be able to see what's going on with your users after the event happened. Please do note that these custom events should be created and sent to us first by your mobile development team according to our SDK documentation:

2. More filters to make data more granular:

  • Ad Campaign 
  • Subcampaign 
  • Ad 
  • Creativesfunnels example created by appflow.ai

Visual Constructor Addon

To be honest, we were postponing it a lot but after the amazing call with Omri, (did you hear about an amazing Marbles CBT app?) we understood we are in need to hurry up with more backgrounds for the welcome screen and paywall screen, fonts, bullet icons for the text. We will also be exploring more possibilities.

visual constructor example created by appflow.ai


This one was reprioritized a few times but finally, we are launching!

Explanation: retention is the term for how long subscribers are staying in the system/app. We have already implemented it with a few filters and selective options: OS, SKU, language, and country, but let's see what we can give you even more!

retention graph created by appflow.ai


We found that sometimes you guys are not interested in all your users' data so we invented our first users' filters. For now, it will be: platform, SKU, country, and language, and there are more to come. Filters will be available very soon on the Cohorts page and on Analytics Charts and will be based on your end-users data.

filters example of subscription data created by appflow.ai

App Screens Gallery

Every app owner is seeking UX perfection. To know what perfection is, you should learn who your competitors are. We are going to introduce you to our Appflow.ai's daughter - Uxflow. UXFlow is designed to display app screens of different apps, with which app owners/designers can research, compare, and improve their own app’s UX & UI, saving time and cost. 

uxflow.ai homepage screenshot

Now you are able to search through but soon you will see more screens there. Please, note, that it's only open-source data and our bots are going through apps to make you happier and your apps more beautiful than before!

And More:

- Entitlements

- Sharing of Analytics page with anyone for some calendar dates

- One-time subscriptions SDK addon

- Migration from the other platforms

- Grant promotional access to some groups of users

- Test users' group creation

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Upcoming Features Q4 2022: In-app Messages, Funnels, Visual Constructors, Retention, and More!

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