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We Are Looking For Beta Users Worldwide! (Spots Limited)

As an in-app subscription analytics tool, was born with a mission to help App developers grow their in-app subscription revenue. After launching the Beta version in April, we now want to work with more App developers to test our product and make sure it is of great value to their subscription revenue.

Program Overview Beta Program gives Beta users free access to all the features available for 12 months. During this period, beta users can track their in-app subscription revenue, automate analytics, do paywall A/B testing, and push notifications to their users for free. Most importantly, you can gain actionable suggestions to improve in-app subscription performance and therefore, grow your business. While at the same time, beta users are expected to provide feedback on fixes and improvements.

If you are interested in gaining insight into your subscription-based apps and growing your in-app subscription revenue at no cost, here is a chance for you to join our Beta Program.

Benefits of Beta Program

- Together we build a useful in-app-subscription analytics tool that best suits your needs without any cost

- 12 months of free access to all features available in, including

- Get early access to upcoming advanced features

- Have an opportunity to work with our development team and deliver a perfect subscription analytics tool.

Who are we looking for?

- If you have a subscription-based iOS or Android App;

- If you will use our product for your business and provide your feedback on bugs or improvements;

- If you would like to schedule a call with our team every 3 months about your user experience, it would be great!

How to join the Program? 

- Click here to sign up.

What does do for beta users?

-Alongside free access to the product, we could also help to set up the SDK for our beta users if they need, to board our beta users quickly;

-Prompt support and guidance when you encounter problems;

-Your feedback on bugs & improvements will be keenly followed up and we will keep you informed.

The Story of was born in April 2022, with a mission to help App developers grow their in-app subscription revenue. It was developed by a global team with professional experience and knowledge about App monetization. 

Before developing, our team had 6-years of experience in in-app advertising and helped a lot of developers grow their revenue for App monetization. From our experience as mobile developers, we noticed the need to have one place where we could analyze data from user acquisition to subscriptions and this leads us to the start of 

Now we find out that we can do more to help more app developers out of the confusing dilemma of subscription data tracking and app growth. So is positioned as a tool for:

  • Understanding subscription performance timely
  • A/B Testing paywalls for the most profitable model
  • Push Notifications with customizable settings
  • Developing a users-oriented product
  • Increasing Revenue and growing business

So, What exactly can do? is an in-app subscription analytic tool that can help you gain a big picture and insight into your app and grow your in-app subscription revenue. Here are the major functionalities of

1. Show real-time in-app subscription data seamlessly retrieves all real-time subscription data from your Android and iOS Apps, from trials, installs, payments to refunds. Without the effort of switching back and forth between different platforms and normalizing data manually, users can funnel their users to have an instinctive picture of their app subscription performance on one interface on Dashboard or Analytics where they get to understand their users and take effective actions to improve their app’s ROI.

demo-dashboard-subscription-based-app-data-analysis2. Test out the best paywall and push notification with no code needed facilitates users to do A/B testing on paywalls and push notifications with remote configuration with no code needed, saving time and reducing reliance on engineers. Just a few clicks can help you make the decision on which version of paywalls and notifications you should choose. What’s more, also supports integrating different platforms, such as AppsFlyer, Facebook, Adjust, Apple search ads, etc. to help you understand users’ behavior and connect directly with them.

3. Provide reliable and realistic improvement suggestions (upcoming) free its users from data jungles by offering actionable suggestions given by machine learning of all the presented data. Get use of these marketing suggestions and take immediate action to attract more people to sign up, encourage users to subscribe, prevent users from unsubscription and reduce the churn rate. Following are some Suggestion Examples:

example1: Your churn rate from the trial period is incredibly high. You lost 2345 clients in the last 30 days. Change your trial period terms.

example2: Your LTV was the best in March 2022, check the history of your features. How did it happen? Check out our tips to grow your LTV.

To explore more about, click to check the demo or join our Beta Program for 12 months of subscription analytics.

Join us. Let’s grow together!

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Join Our Beta Program for Free Subscription Analytics

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